Hope everyone had a happy holidays. I know someone had a first birthday!

The much anticipated sequel to ‘Annalise’ will be released April 7th: Annalise 2: But Named Something Else
(Sophie because Claire is a giant Howl’s Moving Castle weeb)

I’ve been slowly working on a redraw of The Royal Buckingham’s Patreon image, since we’re in that particular story arc now. And by slowly, I mean gruelingly.
If any of you were around back in the 1970’s when I made the first version, you probably recall the absolute shit my old laptop took in making it. Constant image corruptions, discolorations, and crashes. Well this entire concept is cursed, because it hates my current PC as well.

It’s larger, more detailed, with more layers, and it’s stretching this 12 year old Windows 7 Pavilion as far as it can go.

Wow. What a difference 50 years makes!

I got to shading on the hair and this Pavilion is like ‘nah.’ Constantly crashes.
I’m still using one of Claire’s old PCs since the CyberPower computer I bought was an absolute brick on arrival. I was watching the wife’s favorite streamer Bawkbasoup on Twitch and witnessed that poor man go through the exact same experience. Super hyped about getting the best PC he could afford, gushing the entire time it was in transit to him, and seeing him get nothing but a multi-thousand-dollar BSOD generator. Just garbage.

I felt bad for him, as I felt scammed several years ago. But it was catharsis in a way. It wasn’t just me. Bawkba has a much larger platform to inform potential customers this company has an egregious track record. 

But anyway, GOOD NEWS!
Claire is building me a new PC. 

And the BEST NEWS about it is it will work. And it will work because it has the most important component that last PC didn’t: Someone who gives a shit about the end user who’s using it. 
She did a 24 hour Sub-a-thon last week to earn money for all the parts, and she was successful! Hopes to eventually stream herself building it in the coming weeks after all the components arrive.
You can check out her stream here: twitch.tv/clairebere