Ellie Buckingham

Just another wayward teen.
Naive and short-sighted.
Still thinks PETA is a
bread company.

Quinn Nicks

Reluctant roommate of Ellie.
Fairly bitchy and short-fused.
Crippling fear of Clowns. Probably saw “IT” at too young of age.

Danny Fleetwood

Entrepreneur with very few ‘preneurs.

Resume’ includes being shot twice and burning off his right eyebrow.

Caleb McVie

..the disdain…




Mr. Fatty McFatFat

Ellie’s feline with debilitating heart problems. Most likely
composed of several
smaller cats.

Mr. Stevens

Local Highschool English teacher. Namely Pumpkin’s. Likes to overhear his student’s conversations.

Tired Guy

The girls’ downstairs neighbor.
Saves what little energy he has left to see Quinn’s deserved eviction.


Ex-boyfriend of Quinn.
Doesn’t understand why
you hate him.

Barrel Block



You are now caught up.


The chain wielding not-vampire.

Hates your favorite fan-fiction.

The Sisters Buckingham





The cosplaying, youngest sister. Has many interests.
Some still in question.


As creepy as her soulless eyes suggest. Odd fascination with rodents and control over others emotions.
Also, probably a little sexist…

Lavender Ellie

The most curvaceous of the sisters. And by that, I meant the most well-rounded.
Yeah, that wasn’t any better.


Little Miss Constant-letdown.
The person that hits rock bottom, then starts drilling.


Remember that goth girl from high school that was really hot?
I found her.
She’s right here.

Tarragon (Tarra)

Every parent’s dream child.
Successful. Competent. Self reliant. Endlessly ambitious like perpetual-motion took human form.


Totally Mom Jr. Regulator of sisters and eater of worlds.
The only person that presumably has a handle on Tarra.





Accidentally left overnight hanging from a jungle gym, this mini-Atlas now holds multiple Minecraft realms on her shoulders. Loves giving her snake (“Ribbit”) trashy makeovers.


Glued to social media 26 hours a day. Suffers from perpetual duck face.

If she could transplant her hand with a phone, she totally would.



Can’t remember her lines.

Always staring at the camera.