Lazily brained. No doubt.


I’d been asked by a few about the layout of the repeating elements in the hamster panels, so I’m pasting the different elements I did for them.
120 ScrapsOnce the base for Ellie’s head was done,  and there’s colored background behind it, I just added a layer > oval selection > fill white > Gaussian blur for the mid-fade to white. Then I placed the wheel (making sure the hamster-standing and hamster-running would both adequately fit below and above. Merged these repeating elements, then duplicated for the four panels. Move the eyes and hamsters accordingly.




On an obscure note. The kids have stumbled upon reruns of the Brady Bunch on tv, and love it (Vince Vaughn is remaking the show btw.)

So while watching it the other night, I looked it up on Wikipedia, and found something that disturbed the hell out of me.

Bobby looks like shit

Look at this picture from 2010, and if it just doesn’t make you wonder (he’s the youngest brother) then it must just be me. =/