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Wow this was more challenging than I thought. I'm thinking I can make a longer comic with ease since only three panels have faces and etc. NOPE. Every panel sucked. Proud of it though. I do have a challenging schedule this week in terms of being in town and being home (by my tablet.) I will try my damndest to get another post up late Wednesday, but I know Friday is out. I just wont be in my state and the tablet is TDB to bring with me. I will be more than making up for it though within the next two weeks or so. I'll explain more HOPEFULLY Monday. :P

192 thoughts on “20/20

      1. *A la Julia Child fighting*

        And you can find fresh Pokéballs from little slant eyed boys or little girls who wear short shorts with suspenders. Now, crack the Pokéballs into a glass dish in order to sufficiently beat them with a wisk. I suggest a nice Squirtle if they are in season. Elsewise its always a good idea to have a Pikachu or Psyduck standing by in your lettuce crisper.

        1. Bring on the roasted Gyarados / Bring on the Mr. Mime. / This is what good cooking is all about. / This is what good cooking is all about.

        2. Tonight I dine on Wartortle soup. Tomorrow night: Miltank chili with Pikachorizo for some spice.

        3. I ate little Ash’s Pikachu with a nice chianti and some Fava beans.

          *makes slurping/teeth sucking noises as smokes lazily drifts from Mr. Blue’s ears*

      1. Yes. Clearly. The eldritch horror from another dimension turning the alternate future self of one of the cast into an early afternoon snack shot directly into his tooth-lined gullet just doesn’t even come close.

    1. Pokemon, shmokemon. What boggles me is a whole tab devoted to just muffins. Sure, there’s a lot of things you can do with a muffin, but the base recipe is the same: flour, water, sugar, soda, oil, eggs, yeast, spice to taste, and stir in inclusions, bake, cool, add toppings or don’t. For there to be a whole section for muffins, those recipes have to be pretty baroque.

        1. Muffins that roll down stairs, others in pairs, and over the neighbor’s dog…

          In defense of the Muffins folder, there’s other considerations to make. Some things you put into muffins (or any bread-like thing, for that matter) can impact cooking time, require different preparation, and when you’re talking berries may require extra steps to combat the water they add to the mix. On top of that, not all muffins are going to use the exact same mixes

          On the other hand, Rosemary might just not have the mindset to ruthlessly break down all of the recipes into a base recipe and variant recipes. She may just print out every recipe she likes (as most of us do) and not worry that much about redundancy/overlaps.

        2. My muffins have a first name, it’s spelled EN – TEN – M – AN – NS.

          My muffins had a second name, it’s spelled IATE – THE – WHOLE – DAMN – BAG

          I love to eat them every day, and if you ask me why I’ll say. …

          Ow, my left arm is numb, and there is this crushing weight on my chest . . . gasp




        3. I’m coming Juniper, I’m coming.
          We’re going to get drink in that big bar in the sky.
          I’m coming Juniper

          *Mr. Blue grabs his right leg, left ear, and struggles to stay on the floor*

          Ohhh. It feels like Jell-O pudding pops were let loose in the wilds of Bavaria.

          It feels like Lamont left the instamatic camera in the real thing.

          There’s a lot of pink elephants dancing around visible gravimetric wave distortions emanating out of Tom Turkey’s beard, and he looks like Dusty Hill married a Grasshopper Police Lawn Patrol Vehicle.

        4. Alternately, there could be, like, three basic recipes in that folder, and then a bunch of alphabetized sheets with variations noted as needed.

      1. What you are not aware of is that it’s not recipes that Rosemary keeps in that drawer, but dehydrated food.

        Whenever she wants to prepare a round of muffins — or whatever from that drawer, including the Roast Psyduck a l’Orange — she just grabs one of the appropriate wrappings and adds water.

    2. I keep my cookie cutters in my son’s old Pokemon lunch box. I could see that being a decorating guide for Pokemon cupcakes (having made cupcakes for my son’s birthday treat the year he was obsessed with Pokemon. Not to mention the Sailor Moon cupcakes for my daughter). Can’t tell if Rosemary likes baking as much as I do, but she’s definitely more organized.

    3. Haha. I used to work at a pizza parlor, and we would get calls from a group of guys asking us to invent Pokemon-themed pizzas and desserts for their LAN parties. They started telling their friends, and soon we were getting tons of requests for the secret Pokemon specials.

      I kept notes on every new dish we came up with…so I really do have a Pokemon section in my recipe folder!

        1. Isn’t that the same man (Ben Franklin, that is) that said beer is a sign that there is a God, and He wants man to be happy?

          The images we have of Benjamin Franklin also do not show an especially thin Founding Father. Just saying.

        2. I can put the two together. Those who were in power wanted to party with the desert (or petty Americans out in the wilderness) creatures at night. Is why, I think that we got the help from the French during our revolution. Man knew how to grease the wheels, so to speak. Did a hell of a lot more than James Madison at that time. ..

        3. I’m guessing you and Mr. Blue missed my reference and That One Guy’s to cannibalism. To answer your question, though, maybe the quote got cut off? The original might have been, “Eat to live. Don’t live to eat. That’s what I keep telling myself as I slather more gravy on my third pile of Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing.”

        4. Indeed. I did verify that the term “long pig” was a common usage and not just something I’d heard somewhere I forgot. Googling for it brought up an urban dictionary pages stating that and the Wikipedia article on Cannibalism.

    1. I think maybe she’s realizing her mom’s concerns were kind of right, because Kat is, to use Cinnamon’s terms, an ass.

      1. What has given you that conclusion? Last we saw Kat was her being introduced to Pumpkin’s friends, we don’t know how that ended up.

        1. No, we don’t. I admit I’m going on limited information, but if you look at Pumpkin’s facial expression and match it up against the words–plus look at how Kat herself has acted so far–it’s not such a stretch. We know Kat’s an ass. Pumpkin may have caught on herself in the intervening space.

      2. Nah, that is the face of a kid who didn’t tell Kat her mom wanted to speak with her.

        Most likely she suspects that her mom doesn’t approve of their friendship and figures the best way around a ‘you can’t see them anymore’ ban is if Kat doesn’t know and she secretly keeps hanging out with her anyways.

        1. I think you’re correct. I was reading the “I think I’m tap dancing on the edge of being in trouble and trying to be cautious what I say” look, but I was reading it as covering for Katrina at first, but I think your interpretation makes more sense.

    2. Pumpkin got texts from her mom about how she wanted to have a talk with Kat. Maybe she didn’t mention it to Kat because she knew what her mom would say and she’s feeling guilty because she didn’t do what she should have?

      1. That was my impression, too. I doubt Pumpkin even mentioned it to Kat.

        Because I have to admit, if my mom had told me she wanted to “have a talk” with one of my friends as a teenager, I would have found that really weird, and bringing it up to my friends would have been even more awkward.

        1. It would be especially difficult to tell your friend “My mom wants to talk to you.” if you know that what your mom is going to talk about is something kinda negative towards your friend that would make your friendship with them more difficult and awkward.

    3. Yep, hmmmmmm is right…

      A few reason why I think:

      1. Pumpkin never actually told Kat that her mom wanted to talk to her, she is lying to her mom thus the lack of eye contact.

      2. Pumpkin has an inkling of the conversation that is possibly going to occur- and may not be too keen on talking about her sexual preferences with mom yet.

      3. She senses a disturbance in the force.

      I think no. 1 is most likely, I doubt Kat would be so foolish as to tell Pumpkin’s mom that, especially if she actually plans on coming into her house ever again. Me thinks Pumpkin just didn’t say anything.

  1. No wonder it was such a challenge. There’s more weight and density in this than your standard black hole.

    It’s hard to picture Ginger “Mom Jr.” Buckingham chafing under Rosemary, but I suppose it really had to happen at some point.

    And somehow I doubt Herb was kidding when he said “Just the Food Network with you?”. Anyone who has a drawer with risers specifically for spices, not to mention a full complement of 19 knives in a second drawer, has a serious thing about food.

    1. And holy home improvement, Batman, will you look at that tilework? That wallpaper? Rusche, man, seriously…the detail. It’s like a microscopic look at a snowflake. If you ever had a place you could dial back to gain time, it would be here. No one would complain if the wallpaper were just solid blue, or if the title work was just a handful of checkerboards.

      1. Chris fully deserves not only a break today, but 1/2 price happy hour @ steak n shake for 100% off, 1/2 p4ice cheesburgers @ that drive inn Bubbles works at, all the portabella melts on brioche at Dave’s daughter’s place as well as a herty handshake and a laurel along with a pound of nuts. With fries, baby.

      2. Actually, the tile-work is pretty fast to do in Photoshop. Simply scribble some colors that compliment each other into an area on a new layer, mask that area, apply the Mosaic filter to it with the right settings, and boom! Instant tile-work. If you need a little perspective on it, just skew the layer. The hardest part is to choose colors that look good together and to make a scribble that looks properly random.

    2. I was going to comment that this definitely shows her “food geek” cred. Also when you think about the wasted space by displaying her spices and knives and whatnot in that fashion compared to how much she probably has, I’m guessing the kitchen is easily the largest room in the house.

      The Ginger backstory definitely reminded me of the family stories I started hearing in passing after I was in my thirties.

    3. Cooking is the ultimate OCD occupation. You clean each pan and pot to perfection. You measure each ingredient to precision. Said ingredients must be organized, and at the peak of freshness. Each dish must reach the proper temperature, for the proper period of time.

      My mother can spend five minutes measuring water. I go by guesstimate and taste. (Who would have thought that guesstimate was in the browser’s dictionary?)

      1. Its an occupation if the cook/chef’s reputation is such that the OCD cancelling profit margin can be cancelled out effectively to a point that management and patrons can overlook the time wasted on five minutes for every cup of water that runs through said restaurant.

        Me, i like to be based on a recipe, but let the moment work. OCD wise, I’ve learned that icing on a crappy cake does not make it worth $9.99 an ounce.

    4. The eldest child frequently has problems being seen as an alternate parent by their younger sibs – Ginger embraces that now that she has kids, but I’d bet an internet that when she was younger it led to some parental conflicts, particularly when you consider the role her D.A.D2 probably had has she made the shift to adulthood.

  2. Holy whoases, the art! The effects! The QUALITY! I can feel the hours of work radiating off this comic like a heat lamp in a firestorm. Mmm, feels good man.

  3. I’d really like to know what Williams job is. Since Ginger and William are married, happily by current information, and have 4 children her decision seems to have worked out. But being a parent isn’t ever easy, you want your children to be educated and prepared for the world. So running off to be with William because “William is my future” goes against what Rosemary was hoping for. It may be working out for Ginger, but in life it sure could have gone the other way and Ginger could have found herself a single mother with only a high school diploma.

    1. It was stated a while back that ginger, tarra and anise represented the potential for juniper, ellie and cinn respectively, so I guess if things didn’t work out she’s in the exact same place as Juniper. Which in hindsight could explain why she put Juniper on blast during the black friday storyline, since she might have been in the same position and chose to tough it out and raise Percy in an uncertain situation

    2. In Odds Are (11 Sept 2013) in the sister bios in the author post, Ginger is listed as a stay-at-home mom, so whatever William does, he pulls in enough for that to work out. Also, they don’t appear to live in Phoenix, so I’m wondering if Rosemary buckled to keep Ginger in school (and in the area) or if they moved back. Making an exception to let something she disagreed with go on longer than she was comfortable with would explain the “just a” attitude and probably played some degree of her views on Ellie when the comic started.

      @stelex – I don’t think Ginger’s pregnant during this conversation, but I do assume the parallels are part of the conflict with Juniper. Also makes me wonder if Ellie was too lazy for a tutor and if there’s going to be a Santa connection for the younger half of “Team Reject”.

      1. I’m going to say it can’t be the second one, because if one of the sisters is going to win the lottery prior to conception, it’s going to be Tarra, not Ginger.

  4. 1) Echoing other: holy god the detail!
    2) Love the glow/blur on the flashback talk bubbles, give a good distinction between times
    3) Pumpkin looks annoyed in panel 6, and guilty in panel 7.
    4) The whole “text the cliff notes” thing really seems like someone who either: A. is interested in Pumpkin, knows she won’t be “approved” and just doesn’t want to hear it; or B. Someone who is too familiar with “the talk” that is about to happen, which raises many questions.

    Question (Don’t know if it has been asked before): Rusche, have you ever thought of putting together a book for Shotgun Shuffle? I’m pretty sure most of us would buy it. I know I would. :)

    As always, Keep up the Awesome!

    1. I think Random Guest above is likely right that Pumpkin just didn’t say anything to Katrina which makes a better explanation for her look in panel 7 than covering for Katrina.

      As for books, I get the feeling Rusche is the type who’d want to re-draw the older strips before putting them into book form. That doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards for the near future. Also I suspect the page layout would be somewhat painful considering the varying sizes of comics and non-standard panel layout (which looks EXCELLENT, but would probably make a lot more work for fitting everything to identically sized pages for printing). I’d certainly buy it, though.

        1. I’d give a minimum of 25% chance if I’m wearing a hood that’s mildly loose on my head for more than 60 seconds that I feel mildly like Emperor Palpatine at some point.

          Not disagreeing with you or thinking that Pumpkin has the same Palpatine thoughts I do, more saying having a hood up is conducive to feeling play dramatic.

  5. So Ginger was also a disappointment. This almost make Tarra’s claim of perfection just weak. Also, loving Pumpkins grown out look. How much time has passed since Orlando? Also, were is that other girl, Quinn was it? It seems like it been like almost a year since we last seen her.

      1. She let Ellie give her a make over, or she battles the Canadian She-Ninja for the North American TV title championship belt in the Rival Angels next battle royal. ..

        1. All of them in that exact order or just any of them.

          Granted, my list is long. Apart from this one here, Misfile and El Goonish Shive being pretty much at the top of the list.

  6. I think Mom is jumping to exactly the wrong conclusions here. She’s trying to warn off an older suitor for one of her girls, but Pumpkin isn’t Ginger 2.0, she’s not about to run away with Kat. She’s trying to learn from Kat, that’s all. She needs the opposite lecture, and Ellie could sit in. “We never lead our suitors on just because we want stuff from them.”

    1. Pumpkin is 3.0. She is the amalgam of all that has come before. She has the management skills of Ginger, the drive of Terra, the art of Anise, the example of Juniper, the way of the feminine wiles of Ellie, the ability to circumvent the rules of Cinnamon, the wisdom of Solomon, the element of Heart, the Nerve.

      And, just my two cents on the subject: I think it may be that Pumpkin is just as interested in girls as she is boys, which is not. It doesn’t mean that she cannot wrap someone around her finger, if she so chooses, but she just doesn’t feel sexually interested in anyone.

      1. While I’ve generally been assuming Pumpkin is in control here, the more I type these and the more I read others’ statements, the more I remember Pumpkin is only 15 and we’re describing someone more mature.

        I still think she’s sharp enough and not falling for Katrina’s ploys, but I am starting to wonder if perhaps I’m overestimating how much she’s grown. I mean, it’s not hard to look more advanced and mature when your next older sister is Cinn (not that Ellie or Juniper shoot the bar to the ceiling or anything either).

        1. SHAZAM! (Dunno the third one, Google leads me to think it might have something to do with an odious celebrity, but that would be cheating.)

        2. Three points for the hard one!

          As a hint for the remaining one, I figured that some one was SURE TO GET it, as it was an annual TV event.

        3. I figured someone would be an old fogy, er, experienced person like myself, who watched that each year as a child. The first two were clues to the third. Wisdom equating to a brain, the heart, and “the nerve” were the three things they were “sure to get”, or so the song said.

    2. We are not really 100% sure of Pumpkin’s motives here. Other than showing interest during the con and mentioning it once during Kat’s last visit, the evidence is not quite thick enough to draw a conclusion either way. This situation is bristling with narrative hooks. It could be going in any direction, but Mr. Rusche has not deigned to show his hand yet. Is Pumpkin interested in Kay as a pal? More than a pal? As an entrance into a job? Or a larger world of cosplay? We don’t know if Mama’s hunch about this situation is informed by experience or mislead by it. We have no idea what the exchanged look of Pumpkin’s friends was about. Maybe Mr. Rusche is setting up something from left field and we will all be shocked when he unveils it. It’s impossible to tell for sure at this point. More information required.

        1. And he looks at me…and I look at him…and he looks at me…and I look at him! And he looks at me…and I look at him! And he says….I’m sorry, what did you want again?

        2. He doesn’t realize yet that we secretly switched his underarm deodorant commercial with a webcomic comment. Lets watch the hilarity ensue while a have this cup of coffee.

        3. Mr Blue is unaware that we’ve switched out his normal cup of Foldger’s Crystals with bath salts. Let’s watch and see if he can tell the difference.

        4. We’ve replaced Gravatarless’ Bounce fabric softener drier sheets with LSD and have hired a balloon art clown, a Mariachi band, and a mime to make no less than 50 appearances around him next week. Let’s see if the filmed responses help us think up new ways to spice up commercials for copier paper.

          (This is my called shot for normal advertising in about a decade)

        5. Mr. Blue doesn’t pay attention to the over-flowing bubbles emanating from the coffee pot as he pours the brew into his “Shotgun ShUfFlE” brand coffee mug that can be found either here ( http://society6.com/shotgunshuffle/indifferent-meal_mug#27=199 ) or from Mr. Blue’s own kitchen collection with the remember the Elvis commemorative plates for $29.99, (tax, shipping & handling not valid in the place where international pancake kinds can be found.)

          Mr. Blue goes to take a huge stop when he notices that That one guy has hired an apprentice from the Shields and Yarnell school of strategic non vocal happenstance to bug some one when a balloon animal runs by, knocking his streaming mug of coffee onto the papers that That one guy had in his hand. . .

        6. On the bright side, your hooded sweatshirt will be a much better conversationalist than it was before.

      1. Agreed more info is required, though I think cosplay enhancement is definitely in Pumpkin’s mind as a strong motivator. I think Rusche has enjoyed having Quinn throw out a teaser on Pumpkin’s sexuality and leave things ambiguous, and it’s my suspicion that is a loose end he intends to leave as a loose end at the end of the comic and not solidify.

        The thing that I think is more in question is to what degree Katrina is deliberately trying to groom Pumpkin or not and how effective her attempts have been (conscious or unconscious).

        1. However what is also a teaser in this case is not obliterated the argument between the two fx people (kat/damien) but what also seem to be a few double innuendos dropped by kat.

  7. Oh my gosh the art! Great work!

    Also lot of depth in this one, storywise. And interesting to see that with Ginger too it wasn’t always happiness and sunshine in Buckingham House.

    And pokémon. The other white meat. ;)

  8. Mr. Blue makes the motion to nominate today’s strip as one of the top five strips, #1 strip in artwork, nomination for the tony, oscars, grammys, and a pound of nuts.

  9. I’m kinda surprised the knife drawer doest have a lock on it or something, considering the whole “no sharp things near the sisters” thing.

    Really nice fore/backgrounds in this one, very “moms kitchen”

  10. Anytime I see a title like 20-20 I’m thinking hindsight, so given the recalled memories seem to be from the first time this parent/child confrontation took place, I’m guessing Rosey will play the scene a bit differently since she probably has had some additional experience to help her help Pumpkin see what the potential problems are with this relationship.

    1. I concur. I was wondering if someone would beat me to it. Everyone seems to be commenting on the art quality (which I agree is fantastic) but not talking much about this glimpse into Rosemary and Ginger’s relationship.

  11. Compelling flashback presentation (content too for that matter). You SHOULD be proud that drawing the whole thing was a pain.

    I like seeing Rosemary’s mistake with her first time through (speech bubble over the knife drawer). Reading that and thinking about her looking back on it, I can absolutely see the, “How could she not fight against me when I pushed her that hard” thoughts now.

    I’m also wondering the degree the argument with Ginger became open knowledge to the sisters or was kept private. I could see that going either way.

    The thing I really wonder with Rosemary’s comparisons with the successful sisters as the negative examples is how much she looks at Ginger’s family and Tarra’s accomplishments as success or “at least it turned out right in the end” versus how much some of these older wounds might be festering and considering them as more “ok, but now that negative will never get fixed.”

    I do suspect she’s not particularly happy about Anise’s Santa obsession. I wonder if she considers the beard obsession as a parenting failure. I’m also now wondering if Anise explained the reason for the implants to Rosemary as helpful for getting Santa’s attention (partially because I like to have at least one joke in my musings).

  12. I’m loving the art SO much! The details, the shading, the colors, and it keeps improving almost page by page.
    I had to read the comments to realize that part was a flashback. Well, the blurred speech bubbles, the hair being different on both of them and the different room wallpaper tells it, but I couldn’t catch it. Meh~
    Well here’s pumpkin, with a certain ‘look’ on her face that I can’t really tell at the moment. That makes me curious on what happened when they were out..

    1. The quality is definitely getting incredible. I’m hoping that the bar won’t be set so high that Rusche ends up leaping over it, ending up really high into the atmosphere and suffocating. The Patereon idea was a good one.

      However, there’s cases like the Brothers Chaps getting hired by the entertainment industry (See Homestarrunner and Yo Gabba Gabba!). The latter might be nicer, but hopefully we’ll get news if it happens. (No updates in months in complete silence/Is the comic deaded? What happened to Rusche?!) But I’m glad we was open about when he had problems and that the community seems very open to him slowing down if needed

        1. I’ve been reading for a few years and I think maybe twice at most has he gone more than two days past a scheduled posting without updating the author post to let us know what’s going on or to expect delays from something or other. I can’t imagine that would change, and even if part of a signing deal required secrecy about the deal, I’m sure he’d post something about expected delays from other things in life at the very least.

  13. Well, before I begin replying to everything, I may as well drop something I haven’t seen anyone else mention.

    My interpretation of the content flashback is Rosemary had kids early and wanted Ginger to do something more before settling down. Ginger, being Mom Jr, wound up following in Rosemary’s footsteps instead, and it worked out a lot like things did for Rosemary. She married a good man, who was able to support a family, but all of her potential went into developing her family. That’s not a bad thing, but my guess is Rosemary is projecting disappointment in herself for not doing something more than she did onto Ginger. Beyond that I doubt their relationship is strained.

    The Lurker already beat me to the purpose of the flashback. This comic’s probably called 20/20 to indicate Rosemary learned from where she did wrong with Ginger and will be wrapping a velvet glove around the iron fist she’ll be bludgeoning Pumpkin with. You know, so it won’t leave visible bruises.

    1. Don’t forget she mentioned Tarra as a negative example too (just a tutor). It’d be pretty inhuman for Rosemary not to have all of her projected missed career disapointment met by Tarra’s accomplishments. I think her concern is more general well-being of her children rather than vicarious living-related.

      I suspect her issue/concern with Ginger is either due to something about William we don’t know yet (he hasn’t had a speaking line that I recall), or just a general concern about how serious/stable this guy is sort of thing (teen girls in love not being the best judges of character about their loved ones, not that people of any age or gender are fantastic about it). As Rosemary’s supposed to be fairly strongly religious in a Christian direction (I’ve been considering Catholic likely due to family size, but I don’t think that’s been verified by Rusche), this argument could also come from Rosemary finding out Ginger had sex with William.

      1. Good points, all. In the case of Tarra she may have been referencing that as a near-miss. Alternately, Tarra may have skipped college to go into business for herself, which could still be a sore point for Rosemary if she views a college degree as crucial.

        … on the other hand, it occurs to me we also don’t know how much older William is than Ginger. Maybe he was the start of a trend of girls liking increasingly older guys?

        1. It depends.

          If someone’s on a career path that doesn’t really require a college degree, they may miss out on some fun by not attending college, but they’ll also miss out on a massive amount of debt. I think college is good for someone who’s planning on using what they learn and fine as an amusement for rich kids (they sometimes help the curve too), but I have way too many friends with student loan debt they’ve got a good chance of taking to their graves that could’ve gotten similar jobs to what they have with just a high school diploma. So I can’t consider college a universal good/requirement.

        2. We’re on different pages at the moment. You’re talking about families wanting their kids to go to college as high school graduation approaches. I’m talking about Rosemary possibly being one of those parents who persistently believes that if you never got a degree you can’t possibly be living up to your full potential at any point in your adult life. There are people out there oblivious to the fact that college isn’t a requirement to growth/success because it was sold so hard to them growing up they’ve internalized it as a fundamental. Rosemary’s old enough that may be the case.

          Parents like that tend to push their kids to go to college as much as their parents did them. They wrongly assume college and employment haven’t changed and access to information is as limited as it always was. There will probably be a lot less of those parents in the future, as a result of the mixed success of college for Generation X and the fiscal calamity it’s been for the Millennials.

        3. But doesn’t that rest upon a few stereotypes? Perhaps college, fraternities and sororities in addition to college might provide a type of finishing our polishing towards becoming refined ladies and gentlemen.

          But on the other hand, Abraham Lincoln was self taught. But colleges and universities seemed to be the alternative route to apprenticeships and the like for the sciences and such. On another hand blogging will never win the Pulitzer or Nobel prizes.

        4. Any arbitrary conversation about large swaths of the population will rest on some degree of stereotypes and other preconceptions, by necessity since there are too many unknown individuals and the chances of direct, noncontroversial research on any given topic is slim (especially when you consider that it’s nigh impossible to control for variables to study in sociological research, which tends to give lots of potential points of argument).

          I think trade schools are closer to apprenticeships, though college degrees requiring a couple of co-ops may be closer. Collge rarely does a lot to prepare graduates for their jobs so much as it just shotguns a lot of random background info at them. I’ve even heard that sentiment from a hiring manager at a place that is a straight research shop (which should be about as close to college as you can get), and certainly in other industries outside.

          I do agree that there’s a fair amount of useful social formative potential for college that can really do a lot for some people. I’ve seen people it didn’t do much for too, though, and honestly I’m not sure it’s worth the financial cost just for that for most pepole. I think we’re going to see a larger percentage of trade school and commuter or online associate degrees playing a role going forward, and hopefully that’ll also lead to more social activity/groups/organization spawning alongside all those people who aren’t going to college any more.

        5. I was referring to the historical means of an apprenticeship, not just a trade. But then most of the oldest schools in the country (US) were (can’t think of the appropriate term to describe) founded on religious studies.

        6. Historically an apprenticeship would’ve partaken in both the trade school and as the last step towards adulthood where someone else is looking out for you in a significant way and that you’re technically someone else’s repsonsibility, so I suppose I could see that partially. I guess I always looked more at the question of what was being taught and what was learned.

          Monestaries and convents have historically saved a lot of knowledge (even if also sometimes hostile to other knowledge, with heliocentricism being a famous example, though I’ve always gotten the impression that they still wanted to keep it just keep it away from the masses). In feudal Europe they would’ve been the closest available analoge to modern colleges, so a certain degree of religious tradition in older western universities would make sense.

        7. Well… I feel that if the girls liking older men was/is a trend. Then it scaled logarithmicly off the charts with Anise and Santa Claus. Which would be another way to bring a new cycle into the next batch of sisters.

        8. It’s definitely too early to call with the info we have so far, and I suspect we’re a ways away from finding out Tarra’s back story. Rusche said in a comment that we’d be meeting the David that Dheu mentioned during Ellie’s next job after whatever it is she’s doing with Danny. I suspect that’s when we’ll get something more complete on Tarra’s back story. I don’t know if that’s in the second major arc yet or not, but I do recall that was when we’d see enough of Tarra to notice some form of faults so she had room to grow. I wonder if we’ll get enough near term to see what Rosemary means with Tarra or if it’ll skip over her until the second arc. I also wonder if David is the tutor and how Rosemary will feel about Ellie ending up around him for work (my suspicion is she’ll end up romantically involved with him and that’ll be where we’ll see Envy come out of Tarra, which also may cause more Rosemary friction if she has an issue with him from Tarra).

          I don’t know with William, as we haven’t seen enough of him. So far with him not speaking at all it seems like Ginger’s the dominant one in the marriage, and relationships with both noticeable age gaps and noticeable dominance seem more likely for the older partner to be the more dominant partner. Not impossible, but I’m thinking the odds are William’s not notably older than Ginger (i.e. Senior dating a Freshman at most).

          All this is definitely baseless speculation for now, though.

      2. In my household, the first child facing the first serious relationship was a major cause for parental concern… I’m thinkin’ Rosey had a similar response. And as we’ve seen, parents don’t always do well with these issues, leading to revised techniques, which may be to Pumpkins benefit when her turn rolls around.

  14. I would like to say that I was delightfully deceived by the dialogue into thinking that the discussion between mother and last daughter was occurring. The boyfriend’s name didn’t throw me at all. It was the I’m 18 shtick. Bravo.

  15. Sometimes hands are harder than faces. Especially so if you’re trying to make them expressive.

    And nice to see you hand-wrote the labels instead of just typing them in the same font as the dialog. It does make a difference.

    A “well done” to you, sir, for this comic.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving, people! You too, Rusche! (Ha!)

    I wonder about that knife drawer. You’d think someone with a healthy knowledge of Food Network would own a magnet strip bar to hold their knives (probably with a lock on it) or something so that the blades wouldn’t be touching the bottom of the drawer to help prefer their sharpness. I wonder if there’s some type of foam or something there to hold the blade in place but not press against anything sharp.

    1. i have seen a couple of drawer kits similar to the knife drawer in the past that used corkwood blocks to keep the blades horizontal like that so as to avoid accidental cutting dulling etc in the drawer

    2. That’s a special kind of drawer if i remember it right. That tan oblong in the back there is designed to allow the knife blade in, edge-first, but it doesn’t touch anything on the way down. The edge itself is suspended and hangs just over the surface of the drawer, never making contact and thus not dulling any more than its use in food preparation.

        1. Only if the others at your dinner suddenly and unexpectedly get food poisoning and toss that one sibling out of a mall bathroom stall after midnight on a black Friday sales event after standing in line to see Santa.

    1. We can’t. I forgot to file with the U.S. Army’s Pentagon web portal for Chris to one again use the M202A1 Flash for the next Black Friday story arc.

      Sorry everyone. Sorry Chris.

        1. Let me check your security clearance here.

          You have the paper clearance security level. You are privy to Quinn’s cup size, Ellie’s hair (after Pumpkin’s right of first refusal and to be a bridesmaid at Anise’s wedding, but you would only be holding Juniper’s hair back when she’s pukes.

          Your Cinnamon clearance is only 1/5th of a teaspoon, so the DHHS would refer you to KK for an application for a greater security clearance application.

  17. I’ll second the admiration for your hands. Not only do they look like real hands, you drew them exactly as the characters ought to be using them. I especially like the demonstration of chef technique for cutting vegetables. (Curl your fingers so the knuckles act as a blade guard to protect the fingertips.)

  18. wait, what? The rapid scene shift kinda lost me here. Having trouble recognizing who’s having the argument :( Is it a flashback, with Ginger?!

    Also, I’ve previously seen references to the “Seven Deadly Sins” model, I tried making my own assignments along those lines, but am having trouble matching all the sisters up. Looked through the forum as a guest, didn’t find anything there, could someone point me to the strip in wherein this was proposed/discussed?

    1. Ginger = wrath
      Tarragon = envy
      Anise = gluttony
      Juniper = lust
      Cinnamon = greed
      Ellie = sloth
      Pumpkin = pride

      I may have Cinnamon and Pumpkin transposed.

        1. I also recommend reading the author post with the comic The Honorary One (22 April 2014). That spells out the 7 sisters – 7 sins parallels along with some of the personalities. Also the original sister bios were on the comic Odds Are (11 Sept 2013) if you wanted to go back and look at anything with those too. That comic is also the one where Rusche tosses out the question on Pumpkin’s sexuality.

          Also if you’re the type that enjoys spotting plot breadcrumbs, something else I noticed on going back and checking some old posts this week, the author post for comic Nightmare Fuel (13 April 2014) when talking about the Sister X adversary/identify vote stated that if Ginger had won and she’d been a half-sister through Herb from a previous marriage she wouldn’t have had a culinary name because “the Food Channel obsession was from Rosemary”. So at least half a year old, maybe over a year since the names came out in fall of 2013 (I think Pumpkin was the only named sister before that).

        2. Just noticed no one answered the first part of your question. The panel with Ginger and a Rosemary with completely black hair and no gray is the one panel that’s a flashback image. The speech bubbles that have a fuzzy border instead of solid black line are Rosemary’s memory of the conversation with that flashback image. I believe all the other images are the present since there’s no indication of cooking in the one flashback image, and the wallpaper is not the kitchen’s wall but whatever is outside the door of the kitchen (presumably a hallway by a door based on Pumpkin just taking her hood off and the tone of Ginger’s argument).

        3. I have a better memory than I thought. I was on my iPod and didn’t feel liking tab juggling back through the archives. Go me!

          And yes, the layers of foreshadowing Chris has done (and continues to do) is amazing. One of the benefits of pre scripting vs. flying by the seat of your pants.

        4. I generally remember them because it’ was memorably jarring to me that Tarra would be Envy instead of Pride and is a teaser for a kinda’ large plot point in the future (not that we know what it is, though I’m guessing it’s Ellie seriously dating David or someone else Tarra wants but can’t have for some reason due to a few longshot comment breadcrumbs).

          Past that it gets easy, as Juniper & Ellie have it in their sister council names, and Anise gets frequent highlights for hers and Ginger’s shone through pretty well during Black Friday. That just leaves Cinn & Pumpkin, and if Cinn were Pride I’d find that as jarring as I do Tarra being Envy, and since I don’t remember that, both of them are straightened out too.

  19. Rusche… do you/did you do the manila folders, each intact, and then layer the next one over? As in, did you write out each folder title, and only then make the one on top?

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