OKAY, so… “Chris Doesn’t Know Shit About Computers” S1E2

Driver issues were resolved, but unfortunately, if any of you haven’t heard, Windows last two updates included some tablet crippling tweaks to the system. Lots of people were affected, and I was one of them (it was so bad on their end, Microsoft even nuked the functionality of their own Surface line.) In terms of my own tablet functionality, every Photoshop tool acted as the Hand Tool. No matter what tool I used (lasso, brush, etc) my computer treated them all as a tool to only move the canvas around. Every time I’m swiping to make a brush stroke this image would just fly wildly back and forth on the screen.

There were loads of “little fixes” one could do to resolve this, which I tried numerous times…
One being you could undo the last one-to-two updates with the bug and suspend further updates. No so fast, of course, since the ‘Suspend Update’ feature is entirely absent from my Settings now, and Windows repeatedly crashed itself post-removal, and then forced installed the toxic updates again. Fun.

We’re past that mess now, thankfully, and on to my computer relentlessly crashing again, at its own discretion. So updates are up to date, Ps is working normally.. but we’re back to only being able to use the computer for 10-15 minute intervals until its scheduled performance of lulz_troll_crash.exe

So wtf, I thought this was a driver issue. I start documenting every error code on the Blue Screen o’ Death.

And one of my friends is like “Whoa man, that’s a RAM issue. Did you check this pre-built when it came in? Make sure everything was snug?”
And being a non-git-gud with electronics, I’m like “No. I just hoped it worked.” Then I had a flashback to when I got it.

UPS, after taking 7 days on a $100 3-day shipping charge (sending this computer to a distance of “2-states-past-me” in both directions ((twice))) laid the box there on its side after I signed. I turn it upright and hear a little crashing sound. Like aww hell it’s broken. So I open the panel to see CyberPowerPC installed my three fan upgrade properly, however… they left the single stock fan loose inside the tower. Yes, they left the giant extra part loose in the interior to bang around as if all this shit inside is impervious to damage and the mail system ABSOLUTELY NEVER DESTROYS OR DAMAGES ANYTHING. So I removed it and put the panel back on.. super dismayed and WTFing all over about why they would do this. That and why I paid for an optical drive that has no cord internally powering it.

So yes, in short, the negligence of CyberPowerPC’s henchmen leaving the stock fan inside the unit caused it to knock a stick of RAM loose. I took them both off, plugged them back in, latched firmly. I am now much wiser.. and slightly more tech savvy. I feel like I could probably certify for something. Floor Waxing Tech maybe.

And now we are back to “smooth sailing until God only knows.” Bare with me. It’s looking okay again, but I still find myself saving my comics every 4 brush strokes. If it goes south again, we’ll have episode three. Tonight I’m going to have a super long nap and let my anxiety subside and probably have a third stroke. But thank you everyone for the continued support, patience, and troubleshooting advice. I love you dearly.