Quinn’s mother is a textbook narcissist from what she’s describing. Decidedly making Quinn and her brother one of two things narcs do to their children. They’re exhausted props and inconvenient burdens.

Part of Quinn’s background is based off someone I know. Every month on the button, this family had a yard sale. And every month, half the children’s belongings were sold. Didn’t matter whether it was still used or cherished. It was sold for the parent’s personal financial gain. They even sold things that were accidentally left by someone on a visit, or things they borrowed in the past and never returned. If it was in their house, it was up for grabs, and promptly sold.

Even as extreme as 75% of the children and grandchildren’s recent Christmas gifts. Within weeks of the holidays passing. Tell me that’s not rough.

Quinn is not stating she had sex at 16. Only that her mom assumed so. She comes around with a boyfriend, they must be sexually active. Another form of narcissism where the parent tries to live vicariously.