The next comic is going to be stupid long, and you’ll understand why I can’t split it up when you read it. So as I’m working on it, as I have been for a few days, I’d like a quick bit of input on the above. Jessica and I are finishing the coloring for this, which is the next shirt/mug/poster concept. It’s all of Pumpkin’s past cosplays along with suggested cosplays you guys gave me several months back. Because I suck at math, I realize now I’m one shy of an even thirty.

I’ll take any proposals for the last cosplay idea. Leave it in the comments, but just remember, character must be identifiable from about collarbone- up. When all these are done, they’ll easily fit into a poster, but with a shirt…eh.. probably not. So I’ll likely do a vote for which ones you all like the most, and those will be what fit into that limited space. I COULD put all of them, but they’d probably appear too small.  Worse comes to worse, I just offer two versions of the shirt. We’ll see how it turns out.

Thanks for the input, everyone.