So I went out of town this weekend, and on the drive back, my kids had to use the restroom. Naturally. We stop at a rest area, and it was one of the smaller, shabbier ones. There’s a complete line out the door since it has the bathroom capabilities of a 7eleven, but servicing a parking lot that can fit 40 vehicles.  I mean, this thing is a closet.

So we’re waiting for one occupied stall, or two possible  urinals, to finally free up. It was the stall first. My son, who’s 4, goes in, locks the door. Finishes, and starts shouting he can’t get out. In the dead silence of this cramped facility. He can’t seem to unlock the door he was somehow capable of locking.  I’m telling him to hang on, but before I could attempt anything, he does that whole “I’m a kid and completely unaware of germs and generally disgusting things” and crawls out from under the stall.

I’m not attempting to have him crawl under the stall again, only to NOT be able to unlock it once more. And I’m certainly not sending my 6 year old daughter under it. So I’m like, “Let’s just go!” pulling out the impatient-father card.

Then we walk out with about 20 wonderful death glares, as I realize I left all these people down to two urinals only. Suffice it to say, we walked swiftly to the car.