See ya tomorrow (Tuesday.) I’m going to post Tuesday and then again Wednesday. As much as I’d love (not really) to push the story back more days, I need to keep it on a semi-schedule. I really need 3 strips per week at this point to fit in what I need, so you’ll still get 3 posts. =)
Short answer: This weekend ended up being Christmas lights decorating extravaganza. A bit early, right? But hell… Walmart gets away with it.

In relation to Anise, I’m left handed. I guess. Writing and drawing are the only things I do with my left hand. Everything else in the word is with my right. Even on the rare occasions I draw on the computer using the mouse, it’s with my right hand. Scissor cutting, throwing, shooting, whatever… all with my right. This is obviously because I naturally learned with my left, then went to grade school and had teachers correcting me, and forcing me to use my right hand. My parent’s later raised hell over this.

Now I HAVE to be realistic with Friday. I have relatives coming down Thursday that I see pretty rarely. And I can’t respectfully excuse myself on their first night in for 8 hours to finish the comic. So, again, I’ll have to see you all on Monday.