My three year old son saw the Avenger’s movie when it came out over the summer. He did not, however, see any of the lead-in movies other than Iron Man. After the Avengers, he came to adore Captain America as his favorite all-time super hero. I was quite proud with his showing of patriotism! We stumbled across a $7 copy of Captain America at the store over the weekend, so I picked it up for him.

Actually, I didn’t buy it at first. He became so forlorn after we had left, I buckled and we went back for it. He sat with anticipation as the movie started, having adorned his own Captain mask and shield. If you have children this young, they are a blackhole of inquiry. He’s had his share of movie interruptions in the past, but GOOD LORD did this one take the cake. This kid could not finish a question before starting another one. Hopefully by viewing five or six, this will subside and he can actually absorb what’s going on.

I will say, the most frequent question other than “WHERE HULK AT?” had to be “WHERE CAP-LAN AMERIDA?” Reasonable question, I know. But this little guy expects his hero on screen every second of the film. Hollywood really needs to get their act together for these kids. Any time they need to cut away to Red Skull monologueing, they gotta get some picture-in-picture to let the kiddies know Cap still got it covered. When Loki is wreaking havoc, have Thor in a box at the top taking a nap. Hulk buying some purple pants… It would sure ease up on a question or two from what’s below.