UPDATE AGAIN: I… ended up falling asleep (I tend to do that, it’s weird.) Comics will probably be up early AM. Apologies.

Thanks for the patience. Really got in the creative weeds with these last two comics.

My sons birthday is coming up, and he’s obsessed with Mario, like many of us when we were young. He still runs around with his last Halloween costume every so often. We had to eventually throw the felt facial hair away when the adhesive got gross. So anyone familiar with children who gravitate towards this franchise knows that Nintendo charges a mint for their toys. Anything hard-plastic and action figurey will give all parents flashbacks to the last time they bought Legos. So to save money, I’ll pick him out a few plush toys… and to find something I know he won’t see at Walmart or Toys R Us, I typically shop on eBay. The selection is a million times better.

So I’m going through and looking for stuff he might want.. (hint, it’s all of it.) And they have stuff you’d never see at the store.
Like Chain Chomps..
chain chompThose ahole plants..
ahole plantSome kind of plush toilet..

toiletThe things that throws its illegitimate children at you the whole level…

that one guy


And I’m no mustache scientist, but uh…



Then there’s my all time favorite. This one is like gold (and priced accordingly.)

sad goomba

Just that face. It’s so doofy I can’t stop laughing.

the 1up is a lie