Poor planning on my part yesterday thinking I could get this coloring finished up and assemble a 15 foot surprise Christmas trampoline by myself. I was so exhausted I fell asleep after it.

So I have the rest of these Lovecon strips planned out to end this chapter, and its anywhere from 10-12 more. All of the overly complicated/high workload ideas (like see above) for this are done, and we’ll be transitioning into the next chapter: The Royal Buckinghams story/ Pumpkin’s birthday.

I have a full size image of the 4th panel here if you’d like:


Also thank you to everyone who has expressed love for Loose Cannon in messages and posts. She has quickly become the comic’s most beloved one-off character.

Now a week or so ago Patreon screwed the pooch with their proposed ‘new user fee’ roll out. This is something I also got quite a few messages on. Many of you wanted me to address it it straight out of the gate. You know. Same day, hours after. I totally understand why. I was going to until I heard lots of rumblings in some of my comic artist forums and groups. Some more notable and prominent artists on Patreon were saying the backlash over the new fees was so extreme Patreon was going to cancel the roll out altogether. This was under the notion these high-level, high-profit creators had enough weight to swing around they had the ear of some actual Patreon employees. So I waited to see if this roll out would happen or not.

Thankfully, it did not. Patreon is not issuing any new fees. The payment methods are staying the same.
And I know the bad taste they’ve put in some users mouths is so severe and unpalatable, they’ve written the company off for good. I can completely understand that. I’m more than happy to have any and all transaction fees come out of MY bottomline, as they have been. No one should have to pay-to-pay. That’s absurd.

I have been asked to open up a page on other artist support sites, for some that want to support the comic but are disgusted at Patreon. I’m looking into it, but I’m not all it on the idea just yet. I don’t like knee-jerking on anything, and I want to wait and see a bit longer before I open another, or just move completely. Whatever I will do I will tell you. It just something I’m intend to procede with caution over.

This would also make my future intentions for Patreon rewards somewhat tricky, or at least require more work, I guess. I intend to completely redo all of them except the $2.00 comic. That would stay the same. But I have some ideas for rewards I think might interest a ton of you more than what I currently have. That’s going to be a huge post, and I’ll attempt to do that next week. It’s something I’m super excited about, and I think I can manage much much better. (And I will be finishing all loose ends with previous rewards still pending.)

I have unloaded a ton of other obligations this last month, and I don’t give a shit if I have to get bionic arms to do it, but in 2018 I’m getting this comic back on schedule. I love this comic. I love you guys as readers, and I’m sick to death of being so late with it. So I will talk to you guys next week. ON TUESDAY. I actually know it’s Tuesday this time because the next comic is about 75% finished. Have a Merry Christmas, ya’ll.