Speaking of dinner plates… Happy Thanksgiving.

This strip is slightly self-indulgent. Years ago at one of my restaurant gigs, which was a drive-in, the carhops all used to do this. They would prep drink holders during the slow times, sometimes amounting to nearly 100 being ready (which is overkill.) They only had to be folded from flat to upright. But give the devil idle hands (and stickers) and we had decorated drink carriers.

Lots of decorated drink carriers. Of every color, of every sticker. Corporate would ship these rolls upon rolls of stickers every other week we couldn’t hope to get rid of. I could only imagine the customers reaction getting something so tediously worked on as drink transportation. Were they supposed to keep it? It was certainly water proof now.

This simple chore the employees took upon themselves became an addiction I won’t soon understand. Employees would even become attached to their drink carriers and take them home to keep. “Why should someone else have it!!?? I WORKED HARD ON THIS!”

On that note, shall we discuss if anyone attempted to clean anything???