Next two Patreons are both about half done. Up as soon as they’re finished. Just need backgrounds for both. Everything else is complete (but the backgrounds will be tedious.)

We have a reader in need of some financial support to anyone who’s game and could possibly spare a few dollars, or more. We have several Matt’s that frequent the comments section, but one in particular has recently been diagnosed with cancer. I saw his post on Facebook where he’s trying to alleviate some of the financial burden the treatments will incur (present and future.) He’s been out of work due to this, so obviously… he’s in a tight spot. So, I offered to share this for him. If you can, any donation would be appreciated. I have a wonderful and understanding readership, and no reader is left behind. Please stop by and show hi some love.

His GoFundMe is here:


Next comic will be up later today. It will be two tears, and the end of this date with James. Running behind for a plethora of reasons. Sorry for the delay.