This is both Wednesday’s and Friday’s comic together since I was getting too late on posting the former. Panel 5 is actually one month of my trashed calendar idea I was talking about. It was basically a pinup calendar, but with selfies. So, maybe someday, but not as soon as 2016. :D

This story, like all the stories so far, stem from some real life event. I typically take said events, 2 dashes of exaggeration, and 5  gallons of artistic licence, and make a series of comics with them. Several years ago I had a female friend use a dating site. So she set up a page, and within less than 2 days, this was her inbox. She shared this screencap with me.


Now there is no way any human with a life can possibly keep up with this much correspondence. Like most of these sites, you have to pay something to ACTUALLY communicate with someone, and out of pure curiosity, she did one of their trials, then responded to a few emails. Each response she sent branched into 2-5 immediate replies back, minimum. Some replied back continuously until she ended her membership, whether she continued the conversation or not. In short, almost every guy she tried talking to had some mini excitement meltdown and emailed her multiple responses to her singular email to them. If she emailed them back again, the same reaction occurred. Like “You know what, don’t even answer me, I’ll keep this convo going for the both of us.” That’s her sentiment at least.

My friend’s in her mid-twenties, and a plethora of those “most insistent” were pushing 50. Not most, but many. If I remember right, her stay at this site was 3 months, and her take away from the experience was: “being completely overwhelmed.” So after alot of discussion with her, some other friends about their own dating experiences using these services, and some research on datebait (which some sites have been accused of) I came up with this story.

So if you’re a guy, and you’ve ever used one of these sites, and maybe never got much feedback from women, (or maybe any)… it might not be YOU. Your site may be miserably one-sided.