Should have my pending comics up Saturday. Dealing with teenager issues at the moment. Waited for oncoming traffic so I could make a left turn onto my street, when I look up and see a Mustang full over teenagers barreling down the road behind me. I quickly gunned the gas to try and get some distance, but this was the result.



Crash 1




I did get a neat souvenir out of the deal, so… I got that going’ for me.


Crash 2

Everyone’s fine other than one of the teenagers being pretty banged up. Driver was very apologetic, but blamed the hill he just drove over, and his dad of all things. “I told him we should sell this car.” Yeah… okay dude. That’s what caused the accident. Your dad not realizing your self-admittance of being grossly irresponsible while driving this vehicle.

“Big Momma” of said teenager showed up on scene as I took the above pictures and didn’t realize I was the one hit. Starts trying to spin the story with her family saying “So this guy didn’t have his turn signal on or what!?” Me: “I had my signal on.” Her surprised by this: “Huh!?” Me: “I was driving. I had my signal on.” Her: speechless. You know, I gotta be honest. Not quite sure what a turn signal has to do with competent driving skills or your sons ability to see traffic ahead of him.

In the end, cop sided with me, but said to no longer communicate with them since they’re going to fight that this was my fault and I’m to blame. Okay, guys. Let mom, who wasn’t there, try to convolute the story into some he-said-she-said over a turn signal. Good luck with that. Good morals to teach your kid about responsibility.