Sorry for being so late today. I had this done so early, but I totally effed up the last two panels. Had Ellie opening the door the opposite way. I was ready to post and caught it.  Had to redo all the art for it.

I am still super swamped on moving stuff, but I’m going to really push for the next comic to be out this Friday. See you then. =)

Update 5/10/19: Couldn’t quite get the next comic finished in time, but it will definitely be up Tuesday. And it’s gonna be a long one. =)

5/14/19: Another quick update! Chris has been killing himself trying to get the yard and outside maintenance done so the house is ready to put up for sale, working in-between the rounds of constant thunderstorms. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but the next post will have to be Friday. <3 Claire

5/17/19: Still trying to get this done in the middle of all the moving and house prep. Next comic is 13 tiers, and I will post it the minute that it’s done. Could be Saturday or Sunday, could be later. Thanks for your patience and bearing with me because it’s really important that I get this one done right.