For all the questions to how David gets around or if he’s really blind, I had to wait until the comic allowed it to be explained. So there you go :P

S01E03: Chris doesn’t know shit about computers.- Season Finale
To keep it short, I was coloring Friday morning when the computer blue screened 5 times in succession. So, like usual, worked fine for several days, then shit the bed. I went back into caution mode and started saving every 3-4 brush strokes (no way to make a comic on a new high end computer.) It wasn’t until it crashed in the middle of a save I just begged my friend Sean to remote access it as soon as he could. We ran a 4 hour diagnostic on the RAM making a boot stick out of a USB etc etc (get on my level.) RAM had no errors, so then Sean spent some 4 hours tediously going through all the drivers. Large handful of them still needed to be updated, but from what some of the error logs were showing, it had a ton to do with permissions. So we just allowed the computer to do what it wanted, finally.

Something we’re now wary of in terms of prefabs (we suspect) is in the assembly process in the warehouse, and how different parts are assembled separately at different stations. So while everything is there and put in it’s proper place (including extra rogue stock fans,) and in the end some dude is making sure it boots, there’s no one person making sure all these components are meshing. Their idea of what’s a ready-to-ship functional unit is far different than what an idiot like me sees as functional on arrival. :P

So thanks again Sean. This comic came close to barely being shaded, to now having digitally painted cars in the parking lot. You guys were about to get nothing but cheap slabs of concrete like everyone left already. I also got majorly caught up these:

The month of computer issues severely put this in the weeds, but now I just have some backgrounds to finish. I’ll have three of these up in the next day or two, and I have a longish 4th one sketched out. See you on Patreon then. And also back here Friday. Thanks for hanging in their for me guys. The stress has been REAL.