Some of you had mentioned issues of photo-taking-manners in comments several strips back, but the topic was one I intended to cover eventually.

I have a boy turning six, and for his 6th birthday we saw Big Hero Six. I fully recommend. Not a perfect movie, but it easily passed my levels of scrutiny… which are really high. (I hate everything.) There were only one or two things I had a beef with, but what the movie offered blew any small nitpicks out of the water. I’m not really sure if there’s a trope for it or not, but one I rolled my eyes at was something Disney loves doing in its movies. This whole manic “Here’s the team!” rapid fire introduction of its cast. And not that meeting the cast quickly is bad. Not at all. It’s when each of the heroes being intro’ed acts manic/wacky.  For anyone who’s ever seen the animated movie Atlantis, Disney went way overboard with this routine. Every member of the crew Milo met, had this frantic “STAND BACK AND WATCH HOW I’M THE FOREMOST EXPERT IN THIS CRAZY S#!T I DO” way of presenting themselves. EVERY SINGLE character in Atlantis did this. I guess it’s a way to save you from boredom, allow for humor, and show competence at the same time on the “experts-in-their-field” parts…  but it also hurts differentiating the characters.

…so wacky..