This is only Ellie’s second real conversation with Alex, other than initially saying “Hi” then presumably walking away. I made an effort to always show her in defensive stance when conversing with him. Her arms were either crossed, and in this case, in front of her in some manner. This forms a subconscious bar between her and him, which is what she wants. Once he puts her integrity on the spot, she’s now dropping her isolating stance, and beginning to feel sympathy for him.

I’m no master of body language, but I love the opportunity to write the story without it being dialogue.  This reminds me of the Hoodie Rainbow gag in which Ellie wore a red hoodie. This subconsciously placed herself between Quinn’s purple hoodie, and Eagan’s blue hoodie if we follow our color wheel. Blue > Red > Purple. So either, Ellie’s placing herself directly in Quinn’s romantical path, or Quinn fears she’ll be merely subordinate to the primary colors of Ellie and Eagan. It works both ways.

I think this comic is what many of us have encountered at some point. Do you insert yourself, or don’t you? Especially when asked to do so. Whether you think Quinn is officially cheating or not at this point is debatable. She’s not being forthright with someone she’s established something with, which is leaving him in limbo. Now he’s just looking for answers. Good, or bad.. sometimes the best result is simple closure.

Now if he has ulterior motives, which some of you have speculated, will have to be seen. >:))