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Crisis of Infinite Rummage

Day 2 of the convention will be much much shorter than day 1. We need to pick up a character to take us into Chapter 4 and we'll be done with it. Chapter 3 will be completed when this day's over and we see Ellie headed back home. Most of you probably don't keep up with the chapters, and that's fine. There's no dramatic change from one to another, other than subject matter and tone. Chapter 3 (Black Friday and Convention) was my all out parody chapter, so don't expect the next few to be so overwhelmingly pop-culturish (exception: Batman.) Got two fanarts. Pumpkin from MoneyGuy rounds out the sister series he's doing. Seen here: Pumpkin Thumb And another one from Dimitri Grimm, who's art has improved leaps and bounds imo. :D Ellie Thumb 3

66 thoughts on “Crisis of Infinite Rummage

        1. *Returns with pie*
          Forgot I had a pie in the oven.

          *Slices pie. Puts a slice on a plate and hands it to Candlejack*
          There you go. … Wait a sec.
          *Candlejack leaves after saying thanks*

        2. Ah, someone who doesn’t play into the overused “not finishing your sentence after saying it” meme.

  1. Oh man, comic goodness abounds. “Nimbly Nimbles” and “Happy-face Pancakes”….

    WHUSH WHUSH WHUSH, trip, SPLAT! ummm, whush whush whush

  2. I am surprised nobody else has caught it yet… with all the in-strip talk of “is she, isn’t she”, Pumpkin dressing up like Batwoman is not setting off *any* alarm bells for y’all?

    …or is Rusche just teasing us with another red herring?

  3. Dimitri I love love love your fanart!!! For serious!

    Also I can just picture pumpkin darting around the convention in character and everything, hiding behind people and hanging upside down from stair rails. Ha ha!

  4. soooo, with that last comment she made, plus the fact that she’s dressed as one of the most publicly advertised lesbian superheroes, am i to guess she’s actually a furry? (jk)

    1. I was going to speculate that she was finally coming out about her true hair color, which she’s bleached to fit in with Ellie and Tarra her whole life.

      1. Of course we can’t get a straight answer out of anyone around here.

        Brain the size of a planet and I’m here reading webcomics.

        I’d slit my wrists if it wouldn’t mean just a few sparks and a patch job.

        1. Sandwiches. Don’t talk to me about sandwiches. You’d think I might like a sandwich too, but no, not Marvin. Not the android. The android doesn’t need a sandwich because he’s an android. That bastard Data gets to have sandwiches, and he’s an android.

          Of course, he also gets laid more often than I do too. I should join Starfleet. Get off this stupid ship with this two-headed loon at the helm and get a proper uniform.

      2. OK. Based on Chapter 2 going from Sept. 2012 to Sept. 2013 and Chap 3 going from Sept. 2013 to now (Sept 2014) we’ll be done by 2053.

        For those of us still alive at that point I would suggest we all meet at the authors house for a cook out and drinks. Chris, we’ll need access for power chairs, walkers, and wheel chairs. Also access to medical facilities that specialize in care for the elderly.

      1. Just purely speculation man. We’ve been trying to figure out whether or not Pumpkin is or isn’t one. I took this as a hint. But, it could be she’s not. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

        And I’m sorry if my speculation offends you. I don’t make these assumptions about everyone. My best friend dresses as batwoman all the time and she has a boyfriend. I go to conventions a lot and I see people dressed as homosexual characters. Do I think they’re all gay? NO! For crying out loud you’re the one who is dropping the mixed hints about Pumpkin’s sexuality here, I’m just making speculation.

        On top of that, I take great offense to that singsong voice comment. Half the time my comments don’t get any attention anyway, I stopped caring a long time ago. So, when I post my speculations, I really don’t care what people think. If they read it, fine, if they don’t, whatever.

        I get you’re the creator of this webcomic but hating on a fan’s comment that isn’t hurting anyone is just wrong.

        1. *facefloor Inuyasha style* Oh gosh I took that the completely wrong way. ^^; I’m so sorry Mr. Rusche! After I posted it I realized that I was really harsh in the post and since I’m not sure how to delete comments yet (if possible) I was stuck with it. I’m really sorry Mr. Rusche. I really enjoy your comic and I can’t wait for more.

      2. Argh, sorry, that was uncalled for. *rubs neck in shame* Just, don’t assume that I think that everyone who dresses like a lesbian or gay person is that sexuality because that’s incorrect. We’ve just never determined what sexuality pumpkin is (yet) so I was making a speculation. I didn’t mean to get upset. The singsong comment really set me off because I wasn’t trying to get attention, I was just stating a speculation.

        1. Speculation that Rusche enjoys feeding. I have a suspicion that he’s decided the answer for her character but plans to very explicitly never reveal it and keep things ambiguous.

        2. Yeah I meant it as “wouldn’t it be funny if..” but you thought I was all “you’re such a jerk..” which I would never do. :P

          Visualize a small child dressing up as character ‘X’ for Halloweew, and in front of their parents you’re like “OMG, you’re child’s a LES-BI-ANNNNN” lol. How inappropriate.

  5. As I project my little sister onto Pumpkin, I can’t look at that without wondering if she’ll need hand sanitizer after climbing up there… for her gloves, boots, and cape.

    1. That sounds exactly like a friend of mine. She can’t touch the keyboard of a computer without pulling out some hand sanitizer, even when she’s wearing gloves.

  6. If you really wanted to toss out the Crimson Fishies, you could have Pumpkin do A CP of Korra and a friend of hers Asami. The sit back and watch the headsplosions. :)

  7. I mentally reread Pumpkin shouting “A bin of five dollar DVDs!” as if she was the Adam West Batman, and wondered where Robin was to yell, “Holy dime store discount, Batkin!”

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