Day 2 of the convention will be much much shorter than day 1. We need to pick up a character to take us into Chapter 4 and we’ll be done with it. Chapter 3 will be completed when this day’s over and we see Ellie headed back home. Most of you probably don’t keep up with the chapters, and that’s fine. There’s no dramatic change from one to another, other than subject matter and tone. Chapter 3 (Black Friday and Convention) was my all out parody chapter, so don’t expect the next few to be so overwhelmingly pop-culturish (exception:¬†Batman.)

Got two fanarts. Pumpkin from MoneyGuy rounds out the sister series he’s doing. Seen here:

Pumpkin Thumb
And another one from Dimitri Grimm, who’s art has improved leaps and bounds imo. :D

Ellie Thumb 3