I will, mark my words, eventually have a comic that gets the point across in 2-3 panels.
One day, gang.
One day.

I could disguise some other media as my own content…

Quick Update:
Just wanted to let everyone know I’m running behind on the next group of comics. I have Covid for a second time. It’s been royally kicking my ass this last week. This is one of the drawbacks to having 4 out of 5 kids in school. We are super susceptible to three different schools right now who are having daily outbreaks/new cases. My oldest Lily most likely has it as well. We’re testing her later today. She just started high school (feels old, man) and apparently ‘the teens’ are spreading it like wildfire. Claire told her to stop glomping all of her friends at school. She then quickly asked what glomping was.
Me and the wife are having serious conversations about possibly pulling them out to distance learn/homeschool. Our school district isn’t actually sponsoring any distance learning this year (dumb) so we’re seeing what we may or may not want to do. We’re honestly not sure yet. Kids are germ factories. They brought Covid home at the end of the school year, then were fine all summer, and as soon as school opened up, brought it home again in the first two weeks.

If I got Covid again after only 4 months I’m incredibly concerned it’s just going to continuously plague our house both internally and externally. 

I feel like I’m past the worst part (again) and I’m intermittently working on the next installments (for Patreon and here) before I’m forced to take a break. Thank you for sticking with me. This really really aggravates me because I have so many things ‘almost finished.’ Regardless, they will certainly get finished. :)
Thanks again

Update #2: We completed our Covid Family Tree, and determined Jackson, my son, brought it home a week or so ago. He sits right in front of his teacher’s desk for one of his classes, and she has been out of school with Covid for about ten days. Jack himself was ill-feeling for several days a week ago but it was more along the lines of a prolonged stomach ache. (He’s had simple stomach aches before so not much was thought of it.) We rapid tested everyone in the house. Me, Claire, Lily (oldest), and the baby all have Covid. So it’s gotten 5 out of 7 of us.

My second time with Covid has definitely been worse than the first round. Symptoms are more severe and it’s really sticking around. I feel like cardboard. I honestly think I’d deal with all the symptoms longer as long as I could taste and smell again. It’s been 5 days since taste has been shut off and it’s the most other-worldly experience. This virus allows for no small pleasures. Will let you know if anything else happens.

Last Update: Comic will be up Tuesday the 28th. Sincerest apologies for the wait and thank you all for your seemingly endless well of patience.