So because my car assploded, I missed Megacon. DAWWW.

But Jessica, and several others I know went, and here’s some pics for anyone who’s ever been interested in going. It’s pretty much getting out of control from what I’ve been told with its attendance.

crunk_con_by_renykyel-d7bdgcg mega_mess_by_user1134-d7bc7lf
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I’d suggest, if you’re going to do something that would classify as a “couples costume” that “fits together,” I’d make sure one person was a girl.


Is it me, or did that guy look more like Marty and Doc’s love child, than just simply ‘Marty?’ It’s all in the forehead.


And obviously for good measure, Martina McFly.

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If it took five magic rings to form that, I’d be heavily disappointed.

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Winner: Most annoyed at 500th picture Harley Quinn.


This Batman’s mask is seriously the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in life.


You don’t remember that episode? The gang teams up with the Harlem Globetrotters to catch Skeletor stealing a purple bra?


..this is just too many jokes at once. :/


Winner: Best Harley Quinn wig and real life ass representation.

954523_10152260086584729_614244010_n 1477579_10152260213734729_1126126960_n
Obviously The Flash, Freakazoid, WonderChest, and MMA Jason Vorhees

1484969_10152260350979729_265595882_nJack Skellington + Sally = Waldo



Winner: Best Invisible-Juggling Harley

10149429_10152260363014729_851025106_n 10149955_10152260169429729_734422387_n 10150101_10152260252069729_1085063084_n

Winner: Best “sucking it in” Harley Quinn


Winner: Best Harley Quinn to look the least like Harley Quinn


Winner: Harley Quinn to win nothing but bring the best Joker


Winner: Most scantily dressed Harley Quinn


Winner: Best Harley Quinn dressed as 6 Power Rangers

megacon_2014__dandy_and_honey_by_mewmoondeathneko-d7b9m11 megacon_2014__female_link_by_mewmoondeathneko-d7b9q3m megacon_2014__slenderman_by_mewmoondeathneko-d7b9e4u megacon_2014__sweet_tv__computer_head_girl_by_mewmoondeathneko-d7b8y50

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I think this girl wins Best All-Around Harley. Something about it…


And I thought being crammed for dinner at Dixie Stampede was bad. Damn.