Last two comics for this week will be up super late this evening. I’m being way OCD. Apologies.

I had so many people message me about the Bare Naked Ladies song I actually went back and altered this comic to incorporate it. Quinn’s line of wanting “Nice reliable automobiles” was not intended as a set up at all. Probably the lyrics ingrained in my subconscious working their way out from the thousand times I’ve listened to that song. So by request, it’s now intentional.

Thanks to everyone for all the movie title suggestions. I still up in the air on a few I liked the most, but they’re all great. I really just need a goofy title. All the taglines and synopses where hilarious, but I am leaning to just the title alone, since I want the characters to say it, and not so much show a poster or image of it. And since you all like taglines so much, you can probably help me with yet another movie seen by some characters much later in the comic. I hate giving elements of the story away (sometimes) but I will have two of them see, specifically, Backdraft 2. Not everyone’s familiar with this movie, but if you are, I need an incredibly stupid tagline for this.  “Backdraft 2: Backdraft in the Habit”  I dunno. Something genuinely dopey.  :)