We should be out of this convention in another 4-5 . 2-3 more with these guys, 1 leaving the con, and one does a time skip of about a month. After that we will be in Chapter 4. And the Chapters actually have names for anyone interested.
Chapter 1: To the Wolves
Chapter 2: Hating You Back (Ellie v Quinn)
Chapter 3: Interconvention (Sistercon and the actual con)
Chapter 4: Room with a Viewcount
Chapter 5: The Royal Buckinghams

Now the poster I made is a parody of The Royal Tenebaums, for anyone who didn’t get it, and it also doubles as the Chapter 5 intro art. I always intended each chapter to have it’s own cover-like splash page (only I wouldn’t use it as an excuse for an actual comic post, which is a pet peeve.) This was an idea I had for a while, and since it featured the entire family, I stopped kicking it around and made it a poster as well. Due to time constraints, the illustrations for each chapter more or less fell to the wayside. Chapter 1 did infact get one, which was this:
FB banner


The poster, as I said some weeks ago, was also me throwing myself into the fire with my tablet and becoming completely comfortable with it. I’ve had a Wacom Cintiq 22hd for a while and well, it’s fairly intimidating. It’s also something that takes time to adjust to. Time I didn’t always have. Since creating the poster, I can’t live without it. It’s fantastic. I’m never going back to using the mouse to finish my lines again. Or color for that matter. In fact, this comic, and the two before it were the first ones done 100% via tablet. So go us, amiright?

I did originally have a different ‘strictly-seven-sisters poster’ in mind for my first poster-type-poster for Society6, but I opted for this since it was a better snapshot of the comic for Patreon, and it featured more characters (such as Quinn.) Here’s my initial sketch Original size 13,500px wide by 9,000px high.

01 Sketch


You can click on any of these for a much larger view. The image originally had a rug, which I grew to hate, and you may also notice the young lady sitting on her knees in the center is missing half her head. This is because I completely finished my sketch and realized I forgot Ginger. That’s right. I completely forgot a whole character. I’m so used to going 7+Quinn equals eight, that my counts always ended up right if you include the ‘yet to be mentioned’ character in the center.
I’m human.
After this, I made a new layer and drew directly on top of the sketch. This time more detailed, and more zoommed in.

02 Starting Lines
This was almost the most time consuming process, but not the most frustrating. We’ll get to that part..

03 More Lines


Lines are almost completed at this point. I also decided to make the irises their own layer, and not part of the linework. I know this creeps most people out to where they won’t shut up about it, so I made sure I stuck them in as soon as I could for anyone I showed my progress to.

04 Finished lines

Added some floating props to be integrated later, but for the most part, lines are all done. It was at this point I had to make a call on whether or not Chapter 5 would include a certain character, which you’ll see pop up on the left.

06 Flats w lines

This was the second most time consuming process. Setting the flats. Holy crap this took forever. I also saved a version with the lines removed.

05 Flats Only

And you thought they were creepy WITHOUT irises.

Now we move onto shading:

07 Shading


That image is about half-way through, and with the image as a whole, probably around 2/3’s completed.
You can click on Cactuar for the “actual pixel” size for an example of the original image I worked with:

11 Size

Here’s an example of the shading with the line layer muted:

07 Shading 2
So like, jinkies man! This poster is really trucking. My 7-year-old PC I have this tablet hooked up to is running beautifully. Everything is awesome.

What’s that PC?
I haven’t used you in like 4 years and pretty much forgot why I eventually got a laptop?

Oh damn. Now I remember.

See, with the last comic I posted I mentioned our power outages. We have them frequently. I live in a one-stop-light town that loses power on the regular. But not regular enough to plan for it. I kid you not… in this town, no one relies on an alarm clock plugged into a wall. No one even bothers resetting their microwave or oven clocks. Mine haven’t be reset in almost 11 months. Everything has blinking VHS player times. We lose power at the most inopportune times imaginable, and it’s typically at around 2-3 am. If we lose power during the day… it’s always on the nicest sunniest days imaginable.
So that’s one issue I may or may not run into. The other, was me forgetting I took this PC into be fixed 4 years ago because it powers itself off at random.  It ran so good for me making this comic for over a week, I totally forgot. But then I stopped forgetting.

Sometimes I’d get a start-up sounding WWHHHIRRRR and it would go black (this is my occasional 1.5 second warning to accept my work will be lost..) More rarely I’d get blue screen of death..

Sometimes my computer would boot back up like it just had a fainting spell. Other times it would go FULL BACKUP SYSTEM STAT CHECK CONFIGURING EVERY FILE with a plethora of those counting up percentage notifications that had to hit 100%. I mean this $#!t would take 20-25 minutes. All this waiting around to see how much work I lost since I can’t ever remember exactly where I saved.

But yeah, wow. Power outages… random system suicides… what next, right? Probably nothing.

09 Color Distortion 1



Okay.. don’t panic, right. Just gotta change some hues or whatever. It’s still good. It’s still good.

Fixed it.
Took some time…
Let’s move on.
*Save files*
*Open on laptop this time*


09 Color Distortion 2



09 Color Distortion 3
Do you..
..hate boobs?

Are you writing some form of Elvish on Cinnamon’s shirt???
In the darkness, bind them…???
I mean… what?  Why!?

Anyway.. long story short, I saved tons upon tons of versions of this poster as I went along. RB1,-RB15 or so. I had lots of backups. It turns out it wasn’t directly from the computer shutdowns. Perhaps indirectly, but I’m no computer science person or whatever. Or very bright. But what I did conclude was the PSD file reached a size my PC couldn’t handle anymore, and was distorting random layers as it saved. Sometimes it was the “line” layer, sometimes the “skin-colors” layer, sometimes the “shirt” layer. I eventually piecemeal’ed it back together using multiple other files and parts of different layers. Good line layer on one file… meet your new best friend: good colors layer from other file…. and so on.

I relinquished myself to finalizing the colored lines and background detail on the laptop to prevent anymore time loss on this project.

10 Swirls
Background was done mixing tons of swirl designs I made (I wanted something that paralleled the backgrounds on the cast page.) I just inserted that, and came up with a legit looking logo and…

TRB Done