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Drivethru Paradox

Hulk webcam rage As you can see, Hulk is making excellent use of his new webcam, most likely talking in Tinychat to anyone who will listen. I'm not sure if this is before or after he updates his LiveJournal. This comic was originally going to be longer, but due to the hell of Black Friday week, I'm under some time constraints. It was Hulk being socially awkward around the rest of the team... getting aggravated Captain America couldn't keep up with the group because of his asthma. Needing more excitement in the bedroom ("GIRL WEAR THOR CAPE! NO ASK QUESTIONS!") Typical isolating behaviors. =)

16 thoughts on “Drivethru Paradox

      1. You are missing out on some of the most offensively, horrible bad stuff ever. But in a good way.
        You should watch the movies, or watch internet celeb Spoony’s reviews of the movies (which are really funny) on the internet or google what the actor for the vampire (Robert Pattinson) had to say about the book.
        Or at least read the wikipedia summary of the books, because even they can’t make it not horrible.

        1. Ok, I had a friend at work explain it to me. Apparently the two main idiots have a kid, and he/she grows at some exponential rate, right? Like 3 weeks or something and it’s already withdrawing it’s social security. Well, I got that beat, cause Megan Jr. is like 7 years old in 30 seconds…

        2. Kinda.
          The two idiots have a half vampire baby. The ex boyfriend is about to kill the baby (long story) but instead he ‘imprints’ on her. He gets a sappy montage with sappy music about them living togeather. When you imprint on someone both parties fall in love with eachother. In LOVE love.
          So the ex-boyfriend is basically having sexual fantasies about a baby. The baby will grow up really fast but stop growing up in seven years when it reaches the physical age of 17. So the ex boyfriend will be sleeping with a seven year old age wise who is underage physically.
          Also: they say the ex boyfriend didn’t love the female lead, but rather he loved her at-that-time unborn child.
          Bonus: Since the ex boyfriend is in love with the baby, he asks the female lead’s husband if he can call him “daddy”.

          Basically its this wierd thing where the book is trying to show a consequence free baby (and super fast pregnancy) because its an absurd fantasy. None of that changing diaper stuff and barfing stuff. The baby grows up super fast.

          Again, I recommend Spoony’s reviews of the movies in sequence because they are funny and blah blah blah.

        3. And now… I understand the small child in the last panel.

          And wow! You just made me realize Twilight is much worse than I already knew. Congrats.

        4. the Ex boy friend actually is a platonic caretaker for the child and wont (CAN’T) have sexual feeling towards anyone until the child is of age and then if he is rejected by the child will be forever sexless and alone

  1. Something tells me that KK seems to be able to continuously do the Time Warp AGAIN. Only, it’s a jump in the stock room with the boy friend, that ends with the pelvic thrust delight. And one twisted kid who went to O’Jacks Kindegarten, graduated, and with two other little girls joined forces and became O’Jacks Angles of Death and Doom, dispensing poorly done ice cream cones to jerks who can’t keep the trash in their lives from spilling out of their cars into the local O’Jacks parking lot drive through.

      1. Sorry, I was just playing with “Rocky Horror Picture Show” because of the time warp that the kid is going through while everything else seems to stay in place. And since she had attitude, it segued into “Charlie’s Angels” mashed with “Men at Work.”

  2. It took me WAY too long to realize that the pint-size manager was Megan’s baby. I thought at first that it was a joke about how young the night shift hires until I remembered that AshlIii was 15 and a lot taller than that.

    First-time poster because I’m binging on the archives and just finished the archives of a comic that only allows comments on the most recent page. Love the series so far.

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