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Ellie’s Countermervf

I certainly appreciate all the feedback and personal felonies everyone shared last post, and I enjoyed reading all of them. My apologies for not responding as much as I usually do. Our current skirmish should end on Wednesday's  upload. Yeah, you heard me.

49 thoughts on “Ellie’s Countermervf

      1. I’m not asking you to promise anything that might give you a stroke… but here’s a question:

        Have you streamlined your process to make the strips less time-consuming? I seem to recall that when you got a tablet, you had hopes along those lines.

        Dare I hope that comics take about 2/3 the time they used to and we might get 3/2 the comics we used to get?

        1. hahha. We’re gettin’ there.
          Some of it has been vacation and traffic court. If I’m saving time on one aspect of the comic, I’m spending more time on others. The poses and angles have been a bit more dynamic (for obvious reasons) lately, which takes longer to draw. Etc etc. I also tend to publish everything I can output over the weekend for Tuesday’s post to increase the pacing of the strip. It’s more about limiting myself. Why post twice a week the equivalent of 9 panels, when I can post 6 panels 3 times a week?
          I could post one panel 7 days a week and technically make more money since it forces more page views (and that’s what ad-bidders look at.) I never liked that. I’m too inclined to give readers a longer strip to chew on fewer times a week. But it’s sadly, not as profitable.

        2. A suggestion: For now, use spare days to build a nice buffer. If you get up to a month’s worth of comics ahead, even at the proposed new rate (so, in this case, 12 comics’ lead time), THEN you make an official switch. If not, you’ve still got a couple weeks’ buffer for any emergencies that do arise.

  1. Ellie is freakin’ scary, yo.

    Having the scissors waved around like that is scarier. There’s a long list of fun things to bring to a wrestling match, but sharp pointy bits ain’t one of them, especially as we get towards the front of the face. I don’t blame Ellie for reflipping her shit, as close as that damn thing was to her eye.

  2. Man this stuff is getting intense. Like James said, Ellie looks scary/terrifying. I kind of feel like Quinn is definitely losing in this battle.

  3. Ouch. Quinn, you should have that looked at right away. Human bite is real dirty in an infectious way. Lucky no one got an eye put out or a abdominal wound.

      1. A friend of mine once suggested I have the brakes removed from my car. “All they do is slow you down,” he pointed out.

  4. Whoa serious fight there. I never understood why tv and movies portray girl fights as dainty little slap-fests. When my sisters and I fought, we brawled, like most delicate well-bred ladies do of course. >:)

      1. Whats funny about that is that I look at the completely random avatar people get and assume that’s the sex of the commenter. Due to the comment or name though I find that not to be true most of the time. Facebook did this to me.

    1. I’m with you, movies and tv got it all wrong. Every girl fight I’ve every seen started with hair pulling and escalated from there.

    2. You’ve not seen Barfly…?
      (I can’t rightly claim to have seen/remember seeing any real-life cat fights.)

  5. This is’t a catfight, its a death Match!!!
    And that means everything goes!! biting is just a natural counter :)

    1. You know I appreciate you commenting, but that one was a bit borderline for the tone of the comic.

      Two things you’ll never see me put in the strip: “Everyone getting high” antics, and STD humor.

    1. Eh, all I’ve ever dated is the clinically diagnosed insane. Borderline personality disorder? Check. Bi-polar? Check. Manic Depressive? Check. Spent four years in a psychiatric hospital? Check. Multiple suicide attempts? Check. Dumped me for a guy who was wanted for murder? Check, though I’ll grant you that’s not a clinical diagnosis.

      I consider myself the be a biological gauge for crazy. The more I’m attracted to them, the worse they are.

        1. Bi-polar is a replacement term for manic depressive which was deemed offensive, unfortunately it has a narrower definition and doesn’t really describe everyone who would be classified as manic.

    2. Also me, but I guess my vote doesn’t count since I’m you, and so am I, and I am, too ; )

      Remiel: Love the name. You’d probably fall in love with me the instant you smelled my atypical neurochemistry from across the room.

    3. Like she’d fall for what? Quinn fake-trying to cut her hair as a distraction for something? Quinn grabbing the scissors and thinking Ellie wouldn’t be able to knock her arm away because her hands were too busy smothering Quinn?

      I mentioned a few pages ago that I’d probably kill the perpetrator if someone cut my hair during a fight (assuming I didn’t go catatonic). I’d probably kill MYSELF if they permanently blinded me (not that there’s anything suicide-worthy about being blinded in general, but I’m a very visual person and have had to deal with slowly approaching legal blindness via myopia for years. I doubt I could handle losing most of my reading and art/comic-viewing faculties). These “scissors near eyes” shenanigans are making me very uncomfortable. (That’s not a complaint, by the way. More of a “your work is giving me feels” compliment.)

  6. This is what I get for not using the webernets yesterday. A missed surprise update. I will now obessively check multiple times a day. I will not miss another one.

    So the only (visible) injury of Quinn’s left unnacounted for is the swollen shut eye. I guess we’ll see that Wednesday?

      1. Heh, I kept thinking Ellie’s face in panel 1 had a bizzare chibi mouth, now I realize what I thought was her mouth was the blood streak from her nose.

        And Ellie looks like she’s enjoying biting Quinn way too much…

        1. well now that you’ve pointed out the chibi-mouth i can never look at ellie the same. thanks friend.

  7. Remiel, personally i think the most sexy girls are the ones that know how to fight and that know when they should and should’t.
    Ellie definitly fits that profile, she’s sexy but also knows when to beat someone up when talking won’t cut it anymore :)

  8. And this is how the zombie apocalypse starts. A cat fight, that led to a bite, that spread the infection to patient zero.

    You’ve doomed us all Ellie. Doomed us all!

    (But seriously, I loved this surprise update.)

  9. Sunday? You mean I could of viewed this earlier? Psh
    And don’t have a stroke trying to do three comics a week. I am perfectly content with two.

  10. Om nom nom

    Had to reformat my pc and hit the monthly data limit.. twice… glad I can finally catch up on my favorite comic!

  11. Wow. Just wow. I complimented you before on making this a real brawl, but now… Yeah, this is harsh to watch, but it feels real (including Quinn getting beat down–she’s obviously never really been challenged on her bullshit).

  12. You know, someone once said (think it was a teacher) that they would rather stop a physical fight between two guys than one between two girls. The reason was that girls don’t fight fair.

    That’s not to say that guys do, but as you clearly show, girls can get a lot more creative in a fight. They will pull hair, they will scratch, they will bite, ruin clothes, they may even cut hair. I’m not sure if a guy would ever think to use such tactics.

    And as seen here, Ellie has learned this, while Quinn has not.

  13. Two women fighting is the last thing any man wants to get in the middle of. Ever. Happened at a party I went to. I was so scared I only barely managed to maintain bladder control. The woman hosting the party eventually managed to separate them and kicked them out and then commended me for not getting involved. Apparently, being paralyzed with horror was the appropriate response.

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