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Ellie’s Discount Haircuts

OBVIOUSLY Ellie wasn't able to finish this. We'll see as to why Friday. You can expect Quinn to be missing a portion of hair on the back of her head. =P   While this is incredibly silly, there is symbolism. Each girl destroying something of the others. But more importantly changing the other in some way. Cosmetic in appearance now... but you're all smart enough to figure out what will appear different in the future. Also, Eagan's panel is the only stable one in the lot. And in the center. As Quinn views him as the only seemingly certain thing in the immediate future. I think it's also funny his background is some cheery girl's birthday party. A polar opposite environment the girls are/were in.

81 thoughts on “Ellie’s Discount Haircuts

  1. I find it very interesting that Quinn’s retelling of the fight implies that the only reason she regrets insulting Ellie is because Ellie outweighs and is stronger than Quinn. Even in Eagan’s panel, you see the arched eyebrow and can tell he might think there’s more to the fight than she might be telling.

    Loved the update!

    1. Thanks. The intent with the eyebrow is more along the lines of “Ok, wtf is going on in this girl’s life she hasn’t told me.”

  2. Introducing a sharp object into a potential brawl… I don’t see how that could POSSIBLY go wrong. 0.o
    . . .
    Also hello from the shadows of lurk-dum. Been reading this for some weeks now. Definitely one of the best comics on the web. :-)

  3. ….HOLY SMOKE you made Ellie look scary here dude! I mean really, the eye frame cut and that second to last frame *shudders* That girl is SCARY when she has to be.

    Also I’ll make note that the way she is holding Quinn in the bottom pannel left side with one arm tells me she has done this sort of thing before.

    I do wonder just what Ellie’s goal here was. If it was her deciding she was going to be kicked out anyways and just went for the gold or if she was just getting back and Quinn for all the abuse, there are endless possibilities here. I dont see Ellie as being vendictive or vengeful, but I do see her as the one to ‘end things’ I mean she escalated this to nuke grade after all.

    I look foward to Friday’s page quite a bit now, well, more than usual lol

    Keep up the good work dude!

    1. Based on the fact that Ellie grew up with older and younger sisters it’s a fair bet she has done this sort of thing before.

      1. She only has one younger sister, the rest are older, if anything I would bet this was done TO her in the past lol.

        Still, its common sense NOT to mess with someone that has siblings. Quinn’s just lucky Ellie grew up with five sisters and not five brothers. Otherwise she’d have taken a worse beating from Ellie, and then would have had to worry about her brothers after they found out what happened to their sister.

        I am curious to see just how well Quinn gave compared to what she took. Ellie was in control the whole time from what I see here, but Quinn did get at least one decent kick in.

        1. Actually looking at the sister shadow montage it looks like there is a sister between Pumpkin and Ellie. And I suspect they are arranged by age from youngest to oldest. Which would give even more reason why Ellie’s mom was getting on her about not moving out like the rest of her brood (barring pumpkin who obviously isn’t of age.)

        2. Yes. Youngest to Oldest. And I think it can be assumed she’s wrestled before. She has the skill, tactics, and appropriate counter-moves to handle Quinn.

        3. Oh that! I thought it was just another set of characters to be introduced lol. Was there a note somewhere mentioning that those are her sisters though? I dont recall seeing anything like that.

  4. My first thought was…NOOOoooOOOO. But then I realized, it’s just hair. Why do women get so bent out of shape over hair. It grows back. Also, the jab at comics/cartoons/anything animated always wearing the same clothes…genius.

    1. It’s because taking proper care of hair requires a substantial amount of time and effort every day, and growing it to that length takes years of effort and lifestyle changes.

      Basically, human hair grows at about half an inch a month (give or take, but that’s the average)- Quinn’s hair comes down to about the end of her shoulderblades, more or less, so that’s about two and a half to three years worth of growth (you’d measure the longest hair). Which means two and a half years of keeping it perfectly clean and healthy, shampooing and conditioning it to keep it from getting brittle or splitting. Two and a half years of avoiding anything that might damage it, like gum, smoke, airborne debris, excessive sun, things that might snag in it, etc.

      Giving hair of that length a good wash is something you’d do at least once every two days, and can take ten to twenty minutes to wash (not counting the time to wash the rest of your body; this is in addition to your normal hygiene). Then it will take more time afterwards, depending on whether or not you blow-dry it. If you’re not going out, you can do the towel-bun thing on top of your head to dry it off. But that means sitting there for about two hours with a pile of damp hair and towels on top of you.

      Call it an extra half hour’s labor every two days for three year’s time, and it’s about 270 hours worth of labor that’s being destroyed in a catfight.

      And, of course, hair care supplies for long hair aren’t cheap, either- once your hair starts getting longer, you need to switch out shampoos now and then, to keep everything balanced and not get too much (or too little) oil or residues in the hair, and to keep your scalp healthy.

      To put it in perspective, you can tear out and replace the entire suspension system on your car with less effort and cost than it takes to grow your hair like that. And the thing with your car is, if something goes wrong, you can fix it. If your hair gets fucked up, you have to start all over again, because one scalp is all you have to grow it with.

      Add in how important it is to have long or beautiful hair in society in general- it’s a symbol that, not only are you healthy, well-fed, and well-groomed right now, but you have been for the past three years. It’s a sign of youth and health- your hair’s flexibility, health, bounce, and color are all signal flags about your hormonal and physical well-being.

      [why yes, my wife has long hair, and I have been buying shampoo for her and watching her shower for years. And I have swapped suspension systems in a buick recently as well, just to compare things]

      1. If this is the Greg I think it is, hey there and say hi to Jenny for me =)

        If not then welcome aboard anyway.

        1. Haha, I knew it.

          And yes, it is very fun to read. *psst, check out the forum, we needs moar people posting*

        2. And I just realized if I had checked what you were linking it would have basically eliminated all doubt but instead I relied upon analyzing your posting style. Sometimes I feel like I fail even when I’m winning. :P

        3. It’s a forum in name only. lol. And and LastOutlaw… I think the Bad Webcomics wiki is now defunct. So yes, I’m equally bummed.

      2. From her characterization and what Chris has said so far, I don’t think Quinn is the type to take care of her hair that well. It seems to me more likely that she would clean it regularly, maybe treat it a little better than some people, and then blame everything wrong about it on some other factor.

      3. Uh Greg, hair doesnt grow half an inch a month, it depends on the person not so much the gender. I’m a guy and my hair grows almost four inches in a month. On the other hand I had a friend in school who only got one hair cut a YEAR because his hair grew so slowly.

        It depends on the person, their genetics, diet, and enviroment. Also mode of transportation. If you ride around in a convertable with the roof down all the time you’re hair will grow faster, same if you keep the window down as you travel. Same with brushing/combing your hair and washing it. Anything that stimulates it causes it to grow faster.

        Then of course you have people like me who just have the bad luck jackpot in genetics whose hair grows freakishly fast.

      4. Greg, I too have heard the average is half an inch a month. I’m sure it can vary. But I do plan to resolve Quinn’s hair gouge on a “1/2 an inch per month regrowth” basis.

      5. Yeah. Even with the benefit of good genes and good choice of shampoo, it’s a lot of effort and a LOT of time. Cutting long hair is basically the cardinal sin of catfights. Even cutting the skin of one’s face isn’t as much of a breach of the sacrosanct, though that may just be because it’s difficult to AVOID damaging your opponent’s face when you have long nails and are trying to punch, slap, and claw them as painfully as possible.

        I have hair slightly past my hips, and I’m very tall. If someone cut my hair in a fight, I’m pretty sure I’d go catatonic or kill them regardless of subsequent imprisonment, then get a very short haircut as a way of saying “I’m not cutting my hair to match the length of what you cut” and overcompensating.

  5. I love when comics/shows make fun of themselves, the favorite shirt thing reminds me of when they questioned the gloves in an extremely goofy movie.

  6. I cant be the only one who remembered spongebob in the 6th pannel right?
    Patrick: “Firmly grasp it!”

    Also, been reading a while but first tine commenting. Keep up the good work, unlike alot of comics, you have characters I can actually believe are real, not just flat personalities for you to project jokes on and through.

    1. Thank god it didn’t end in a blunt object being pierced through someone’s hand! :D

    2. Matonk, I appreciate that. I get what you’re saying. There are many comics that use their characters as simple talking heads to tell jokes. Any of the characters could be completely interchangeable, with no differing personalities. If an artist could have ANY of their cast tell the same joke the same way.. there’s a problem.

  7. I love Ellie’s anime fighting eyes in the panel right above “Firmly grasp.” Makes the whole thing all the sweeter. In a shonen anime, we’d see that glare right before someone gets punched through a brick wall, but here, we see that right before someone’s hair gets cut. I find the complete polarity of the two ideas pretty damn funny!

  8. Tired Guy (in the voice of Hubert J. Farnsworth): “I should really break up this fight. But I am already in my pajamas.”

    Totally Quinn’s side of the story; if you asked Ellie what happened, she’d say that Quinn came at her with the scissors, and… totally cut her own hair… on accident… or something.

    And I just assumed Ellie had a closet full of the same outfit. Maybe she does, but this one was her favorite. But if not, does this mean we’ll be seeing Ellie in a new shirt (I think girls call them tops, by the way) from now on?

    Also, am wondering if Eagan is enjoying the story so far, or wishing he had been there, and not just because any sane person being where he is right now would wish to be anywhere else. My guess is he’s enjoying it right now, and will continue to enjoy it right up until Quinn says, “so this old dude reported me and now I’m being evicted so can I live in your basement with you is what I really called to ask.”

    *click* “Hello? Ian? Hello? Are you still there?”

    1. I’m personally hoping that with the destruction of Ellie’s favorite top we’ll see the return of the tank top she was rocking in “You’re home early” and “Downhill from here.” Because I like cleavage… I mean tank tops.

      1. Oh right, the tank top. I just figured the blue shirt was all she had and she’d have to improvise. Like I was expecting to see her shopping for new clothes while wearing an old Halloween costume or something.

        “Mommy why is that lady dressed like a teenage mutant ninja turtle?”
        “Don’t look at her…”

      2. Ellie’s original design was with her wearing a tank top. Which is why I showed the cross dresser wearing it when he visited her at GetMart. I think anyone can go “Oh, he’s a crossdresser, I get it.” …but those are specifically Ellie’s old clothes he’s struggling to fit into.

    2. I’m curious to see how Quinn manages to tell this story to Ian without revealing the fairly important fact that she has a boyfriend…

      The most logical assumption is she’ll forget who she’s talking to and let it slip without thinking

      1. Easy: “Also, there’s this dirty hippie who’s been hanging around hitting on my roommate. I told her not to talk to him because he was creepy and I didn’t want him hanging around, so she totally let him draw her boobs just to spite me. I’m not in the wrong here. What? No, I don’t have the drawing anymore. Why are you asking?”

  9. I get the feeling that Ellie is probably a great fighter, what with having 6 sisters. I would imagine they probably fought a lot, and it most likely became physical fairly often.

  10. Yeah… I’m in agreement with the general sentiment: I just can’t see any world in which Ellie wouldn’t have come out on top of this.

    The only way Quinn would have come close to giving as good as she got is if she’s had some kind of training, and she really doesn’t strike me as the karate type, or athletic in any way. She’s been pretty clearly wired to perceive academic performance as a higher “class” activity and strikes me as the type to see sports and physical activity as beneath her for that reason.

    Ellie is a tad bigger, does a fairly manual job (even if only for a short time), and… well, the point about having a busload of sisters to brawl with her entire life has been made before.

    Now, that said, my assumption is that this isn’t going well for either of them. If Tired Guy didn’t call the cops to break them up, Quinn may have been desperate enough to do it.

    Now… Quinn has a clear history of avoiding direct conflict and has demonstrated a preference for indirect attack and getting others to do her work for her whenever possible. I genuinely expect a decent chance that when we next see Ellie she’ll have been arrested; she’s not on the lease, not an official resident of the apartment, and there’s a semi-neutral third party who is presently witnessing her beating the crud out of what I assume is the only resident the leasing office will recognize.

    If that is the case, I also suspect that this will be the first real “Reality Brick” (TM) to drop on Quinn and shake her victim complex. I doubt Quinn would see anything wrong with it if she did in fact get Ellie arrested, but I strongly suspect Eagan and his group would, particularly since Quinn was absolutely the instigator of the fight in the first place and would have a hard time spinning it any other way.

    A lot of the attraction for the comic for me right now is how utterly, and obliviously, self-destructive Quinn’s behavior is. Her bridges with Alex are already arguably burned, and even though he’s kind of lame and even vaguely creepy (and more than that re:Ellie), he’s also the one whose friend was keeping her car running at all. She’s probably down a roommate at least for the immediate future, and even though she paints herself as the victim in this entire fight situation, I don’t really believe Eagan and co. will see it that way.

    Reconciling with *any* of these people would require a degree of honesty and repentance than Quinn is likely to be currently capable of displaying.

    I’ll close with a question: What do we know about Quinn’s finances? My assumption has been that her dad is bankrolling the apartment, but do we know how that comes out? Does he pay for the whole thing, and the roommate’s rent is Quinn’s spending money? He pays for half and half only?

    With no roommate, a POS lemon for a car, her bridge to free mechanical aid in flames, and the risk of alienating her entire carpool group looming (at least in my mind), I’m genuinely concerned about her money situation, even if she isn’t outright evicted.

    1. I’ll cover her financial set up in another 10-15 strips. But one of your questions was the right answer.

      I also love Quinn’s self destructive nature. She’s my favorite character. At least to write (out of the characters introduced so far.) She’s just the most socially screwed up, and also the one with the most to gain.

      Thanks for the indepth comment. And obviously for reading. =)

      1. But we already know it’s fairly bleak with her having let the coverage on her car lapse and being in dire need of the rent from her deadbeat room mate.

        Can’t remember the strip I’m referencing but it was where Eagen first got shoved at her. Actually I think it was called shove.

  11. I have mentioned this before, and I still feel that it’s a great compliment. I think that you are paralleling life just fine, and in those moments when art has previously done such, I can only think of John Hughes. Kudos.

  12. Oh man .. it’s so sad when the central point in your Tuesday and Friday is hoping the little arrow is lit up on ShotGunShuffle.

    I’m also constantly amazed at the quality of comments.

    So – drumroll? Did we top 10k for the month??

  13. Rusche, great job on this one (and all the recent comics really). I like the one stable panel surrounded by the crazy panels; that’s a great use of the comics medium.

    In the “you wouldn’t dare” panel, Ellie seems to be channeling Judge Dredd. She couldn’t pull off the stubbly-chin part of the look, though.


    P.S. With any scene framed like this, I wonder how reliable the narrator is. So far, my guess is that Quinn is truthfully relating the events.

    1. Truthfully, but with careful wording. I was going to have her originally say Ellie “easily overpowered me” instead of “obviously outweighs me.” The first version had Quinn giving Ellie too much credit. So the latter version still works, but is also has a negative comparison Quinn would likely use.

  14. Oh my… Ellie just went all “Dark Knight”, there. I could even imagine her using the Christian Bale voice, and everything. Just crazy.

    I’m not even sure there is a chance of these two reconciling any time soon… I mean, I don’t see them laughing after beating the snot out of each other, and becoming great friends. I think someone is going to be moving out, very soon.

      1. I… I don’t… I don’t even know how to respond to that. You get internets for that one, lots of internets.

        1. They can reconcile if something hits Quinn over the head hard enough to change her actions.

          Like a heavy stapler or something.

        2. And I said, I don’t care if they lay me off either, because I told, I told Bill that if they move my desk one more time, then, then I’m, I’m quitting, I’m going to quit. And, and I told Don too, because they’ve moved my desk four times already this year, and I used to be over by the window, and I could see the squirrels, and they were married, but then, they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler, but I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn’t bind up as much, and I kept the staples for the Swingline stapler and it’s not okay because if they take my stapler then I’ll set the building on fire…

        1. Lt. Anakin, is that you? How’re you screaming with all that ice-cream in your triangle?

      1. Psh, cats are all harbingers of dark powers anyhow- Fat Cat set the fire himself, so as to be released from his earthly shell… soon he will be REBORN

  15. Ever since someone on the Hivemind forums linked me this comic i’ve been enjoying it big time :)
    Great art and an even better storyline(aside from the star wars forrest gump thing, even as a star wars fan that gave me nightmares…).
    As for the characters, i think Ellie just rocks :) while Quinn needs to finally wake up and start realizing that ppl WILL beat her up and abandon her if she keeps giong like this..
    Also Alex is someone who pretty much the same as Quinn, since he also wants other to do his stuff and then blame them for it when it does’t go his way.
    I’m personally very curious how long Quinn is giong to keep it up and what happend to Ellie and Lazy guy.

  16. A sorry, i mean Tired Guy.
    I also hope we see the blind guy back again, he was the most interesting male character so far :)

  17. I find it interesting that your regular readers had went up to hit 5 grand this month.

    I guess that means you should have more cat fights in the future.

    1. She will probably take one from quinn, like that purple one she showed off in before.
      Or she will have an identical one lying around somewhere ;)

  18. I guess the average girl might get bent out of shape over the whole Goodwill thing, but if someone said that to me, the chances are that I did get it at Goodwill.

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