Got some odds and ends for today’s post, so I’ll do my poster explanation/tutorial on Wednesday. So YES! We are back to three days a week starting now. MWF. Thanks again to everyone helping support Shotgun Shuffle.

By request, I have this comic’s master PSD file available to all $3+ pledgers via Patreon.

For anyone who owns a version of Photoshop, this will allow you to move and manipulate each layer and see how a typical comic is made.

Two new fanarts today is well. One is the long-awaited continuation of Matt’s spin off comic about Sister X.

Sister X PArt II

The other is a fanart inspired by Shotgun Shuffle’s Patreon itself. Anyone who’s read the $50/month pledge rewards knows what this is in reference to and I’ll link you directly to the dA page so Mari-Keiyou can get the views. :P