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Every Other Generation

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        1. She just watched the Parent Trap on Netflix. She think’s you two could pull that off. I tried reasoning with her.

        2. *Just stares at teh dumb one with mouth full of turkey.* Percy, did she just say that?

        3. Wow, even you know the difference between identical and fraternal twins.

          And how do you still have turkey left to eat? Hurry up before Grampa gets cranky.

        4. Sorry, got distracted by that comment. *Proceeds to destroy turkey with extreme prejudice.*

        1. Google the character “Gum” from the game “Jet Set Radio Future” and you’ll find the original un-retouched pic easily. It bugged me for a while because I KNEW I had seen it somewhere before.

          Ellie’s gravvy at first impression looks like a photshopped picture of a young Britney Spears but I could be wrong.

        2. I did, and I even watched a you tube video on it, and I don’t think that she looks like it. But then, I don’t play that game much, xbox, playstation, whatever it is you young people do today with those things in your hands.

    1. I just got here. How am I supposed to do the avatar thing? Does it know it’s me, or … ??

      And why do I look so tired in the comic? Do I really look that bad?? Omg if I look that bad I want to see these first. How many have I been in so far?

      1. That’s not me. That’s your roommate. I just saw the cast page. I’m not always yelling at the kids. Everyone’s going to think that now. Now I’m like the bitchy one to everyone seeing this. Ugh

        1. As her child, you’re supposed to take pictures of that sort of thing or ask her about her drooling around other adults not related to you. Then act innocent and pretend you don’t understand why you weren’t supposed to do that because it really was interesting and you were impressed that she could drool that much because you haven’t ever reached that distance that you’ve noticed. Then keep doing that as long as you can get away with it. It’s a time honored tradition.

        2. If she reads this I won’t be able to get away with that ever again.

          Andy, c’mere. We need to talk.

        3. Ellie knows how the picture thing works, it isn’t that hard.

          You totally yell sometimes though.

        4. Yeah, you just got to wait until someone says that yer icon is “High Art” because it’s a cartooned attempt at a classical art representation of a cartoon.

          Calvin and Hobbes said so before then went to the CalvinBall pit mine.

        5. We always had the family tradition of trying to sneak as much sugar to other people’s kids as possible. Teaching them the fundamentals of CalvinBall would be a good idea in that vein too.

        6. Calvin Ball is the ultimate in un organized sports play. No two games are alike. The rules are always changing, and it depends on who has the Calvin Ball.

  1. Huh, so the reason the parents don’t have the “family birthmark”, is because it skips a generation. Interesting “plot twist”. I approve.

    Also, why is pops in such a big hurry to finish eating? Are they going to play some rugby after dinner?

    1. I’m going to go with “Murder She Wrote” is on and Pappa B NEVER misses it but isn’t allowed to leave the table until N% of people are done.

      I’m also wondering which side of the family the birthmark hails from.

  2. I am curious about what Papa Buckingham’s hurry is. On another note, Ginger’s baby is adorable. And poor Quinn’s hair XD

    1. Asperand and McFatFat both seem to find it irresistible. Both are characters that we wouldn’t generally consider fully cognizant of the world around them and expected social proprieties.

      Now I’m wondering if Cinn or Juniper will join in before Thanksgiving is over…

  3. Was gunna say something about asperands, but I was thinking ampersand… bit of a throw off, as the kid doesn’t have the a in the middle so his cheek is just a spiral. So I’m wondering if ginger named her kids after the birthmarks, or are just using them for nicknames similar to Herb is doing to Ellie.

        1. I think that you need to look a bit higher than that. He took the first name mentioned, otherwise I’d still be petitioning for “Gerund”

        2. You are thinking of William, Gingers husband. Herb is the one in a hurry to finish eating.

        3. Yeah, I just got that all mixed up, under the assumption that first he was talking about William, and then Herb being the same person, as they are both fathers.

          What with all the rush in my lame hiliarity, I got confused. Was it six jokes or five?

    1. Quinn’s dad is definitely military (still I think), but I don’t recall that being mentioned for Ellie’s dad. Doesn’t mean I didn’t miss it, though.

  4. So one of the sub themes to this comic is the apparently the overall abuse of Quinn’s hair.

    Violently removed by her roommate? Check.

    Munched on by her roommate’s cat? Check.

    Munched on by her roommate’s nephew? Check.

    Set fire to by her roommate’s (randomizer go!)? Pending…

      1. No, it’ll be Ian, when he sets up a new show and accidently lights Quinn instead of the “Sorta Cool Ring of Fire.”

        1. No. He’d set it on fire when he was setting up the Christmas lights or trying to make smores. Not sure which.

        2. I think setting Quinn’s hair on fire would be a good intro for the character in a stocking cap that was in the vote picture for the story arc we’re on. That’s make a good roommate introduction. Ellie could even offer to try to negotiate Pumpkin into sticking with the family discount instead of charging emergency prices on a wig as an apology.

          Seriously, he’d be at least a quarter of the reader base’s favorite new character if he set Quinn’s hair on fire within his first ten comic appearances. At least for a while.

      1. Maybe caps skipped numbers to special characters and Ginger’s grandchildren will skip the lack of birthmark and get lower case letters?

      2. My theory is that the family birthmark is from either dominant or recessive genes. However, seeing as how they both have to be present in the dominant dominant or recessive recessive configuration, then both mother and father needed to have at least 50% of the DNA to foster onto the children’s genetic material.

        However, I submit that if one parent is 100% dominant or recessive in terms of the birthmark, and the other is 50%, then there is at least a 50% chance that someone could have been born without the birthmark.

        Now that I think of it, I think I’ll just bunk it and toss it all in the waste bin.


    When I have hair in my mouth I freak out until I can find it and remove it. I don’t understand the need to put hair in ones mouth. Silly Babies ;}

    Also, Anise is the only one who eats three servings?? That family needs to kick their thanksgiving celebrations up a knotch. Hahaha

    1. I respectfully submit that there may be two weird ones, but in this family, the father may not be entirely cognizant of the sistercouncil.

      1. “Goofy” could be talking about Cinn’s eyes too. I mean, that’s a valid parental positive spin on “more soulless and dead than any of your twin’s stuffed animals.”

        1. I thought you were thinking Pumpkin was second goofy one on the assumption she frequently cosplays around the house. Frequent random cosplaying seems like the sort of thing Pa Buckingham would call goofy.

        2. If that was all that she did, I think that he’d call her sane.

          Besides, I’m betting that she’s one of the few girls that ever hit pop up for money.

    1. The only names I established were Percy % in comments and Asperand @ in the above strip. Hash is close for #. But I’m planning on it actually being “Tag” (even though it’s properly called an octothorpe.)

      “Andy” for the fourth nephew is a fan commentor taking a stab at it, I think. ;P

        1. I like it, while going on the earlier Professor and Ginger, I definitely get a Thurston Howell, III vibe going with Thorpe.

    1. Well, they aren’t really….letters. I guess? I don’t know. That made me scratch my head to. Maybe Ellie is just mistaken.

    1. It, it’s easier than keeping flash cards, phone cheats and writing on their foreheads. Which, I think that if he were to do that, he’d have to apply the goofy moniker to himself as well.

  6. I’d have to guess that it is a matter of boys get it in the next generation, where girls don’t. Dad doesn’t have the marks because its not from his family, its from mom’s family – so mom doesn’t have them, daughters do. If their were granddaughters, there would be no marks on them, but grandsons get marks.

    1. Well of course, what else are we going to do?

      And am I meeting you guys there or at the house? I may have been slightly drunk and deleted the text you sent me. Or you never sent me one. Either way I was drunk.

    2. Think about it.

      A man runs into the store, he gets what he wants and something to drink. Less than three minutes, unless the donuts are almost finished.

      A woman runs into the store, she has to access her mental menu for the month, compare that to what’s on sale, best bargains in aisle six, what can be frozen, how much space is in the freezer, what can be scrapped for dinner this week to get space in the freezer by putting it into the fridge after they get home. etc.,. etc., etc., gossip, gossip, gossip., comment on what that trashy woman is wearing while she leads that goofy looking guy with spiky black hair and scissors for hands into that place where he runs out less than three minutes later.

      I tell you, a guy knows how to get out of a store.

  7. Now, I’m kind of wondering where the hair thing started. Ginger used the pronoun, “WE.” I’m thinking that while she is the first sister, she may have been on the receiving as well as giving end a few times with the sharp stuff. You know, like that one guy had for hands when he was led into that store where that trashy woman led him in. And he came back out in about less than two minutes.

    1. Pretty sure that’s not the formal “we”. Google Church Lady and you’ll see it’s a flip on the “royal we” to be condenscending.

    2. Tarra was introduced as the only one to avoid receiving an amateur haircut, so Ginger being on the receiving end has already been confirmed.

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