This is the longest comic from retail, below. I literally intended it to go on as long as possible, leaving what’s below as the first 1/3 the strip. I never finished it. It didn’t really need any more.

Working in commission sales, which I thankfully do no longer, is awful. Atleast in my opinion. I don’t think creative minds can stand it. It’s something with how brains function I think. Left brain or right brain… something like that. Anyone creative I know, in any format, tends to loathe it. But the point of the strip is you will, with out a doubt, come continually face to face with a customer that relentlessly beats you up on price. They have no interest in understanding the technology. They want the perception¬†of “value.” He wants to feel that not only is he getting a deal, he’s earned it. I have yet to understand “how” they’ve earned a discount… other than breezing through the front door (but you’d be surprised how many consumers expect a discount for merely entering the property or existing.)

The morale of the story is, in commission sales, when dealing with these customers, you are fighting for your own paycheck. This isn’t a run of the mill patron that you may boost your paycheck with adding on a warranty or surge protector. No; this customer wants to hack your paycheck down dollars at a time. He assumes you are getting paid exuberant amounts just on the merit that you’ve sold something. You will get a commission check of 300% the profit on your next check, the check after, and forever into eternity off his one sale.

So come on! Take half off. He’s earned it.