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I laughed because THIS is somehow real.

I’ve seen this in comments before, and I’ve actually received a few emails on it just this weekend. And it concerns the warm clothing the girls are wearing in our post-holiday-holiday epic. It’s pointed out this comic takes place in Florida, and the characters are heavily overdressed, winter season or not… since it’s all happening in Florida. Now, for all who mentioned it, I’m not pointing you out for saying so; I’m actually going to comment on it here for anyone else who may be scratching their heads about it. There are a few things you have to consider, and that I can attest to being a native Floridian.

1) It DOES get cold in Florida. And not just this year from Polar Vortex 1-6 or whichever we’re on now. My relatives who are of the snowbird variety (vacation their winters in southern states) have had their share of years they failed to bring warm clothing and froze their asses off. If you show up to Florida in, say, mid-January to venture Disneyworld with only flip flops and shorts.. you will likely be hitting up a Walmart for hoodies and jeans. Yes, it’s not snow, and it’s not freezing. But it can drop into the 40’s or further.

2) Floridian’s are warm-natured people. Low seventies to high sixties, people are crackin’ out said hoodies and jeans. We are used to sweating, and fleeing to air conditioning since 70% of our day is spent in 100% sweltering humidity. When the hurricanes come, and power goes out for days to weeks, we’re akin to it. The opposite is also true. Put a southerner up north in 30 degrees or less (like me) and we can hardly stand it. We think anyone in short sleeves during such an ice age is completely crazy. We get cold much easier.

3) Fashion. Women in the south are the same as anywhere else. They have warm weather attire just as they have every other season. And, come on… it’s gotta be shown off sometime. They probably have more swimwear,sure..  but as soon as we’re 70-65 degrees in Florida.. it’s fuzzy boots, leather jackets, and every type of peacoat.  They bought it for a reason! Did some Florida girl you know go to Colorado last year and pick up a Northface jacket as a momento? You better damn well believe the first day she’s back home, and it’s cold enough outside, that thing gonna be worn! She’s gotta explain what Northface is! It’s not like Floridans ever heard of it! Shiiiiiiiiii…
Hell, people wear sweats and hoodies in the 80’s in Florida. It’s comfortable. As long as you’re not sweating in it, it can be worn.