The PSD for this strip is available on Patreon. And speaking of Patreon… Shotgun Shuffle will be splitting into two strips in the coming weeks. I talked at length with Jessica about this months back, and the second comic will be something exclusive to Patreon subscribers at the $2+ monthly pledge level. It will be two posts a week, Tuesday/Thursday. The second series will take over all the Plot B story arcs I’ve seeded throughout the comic so far. The quicker I can get producing these, the more I can post, so both can move at the same pace (albeit differing time frames.)

There will be a cliffhanger with Friday’s post (easy to guess what) that will pick up immediately via the Patreon page on Tuesday the 16th, while the normal comic (this site) will pick back up with Ellie’s story. This is a tactic I’m only going to use sparingly, since I don’t want to irk more casual readers, or those unable to donate at this time. The Patreon comic will continue with Pumpkin, answer the is-she-isn’t-she question, pair her with an unlikely candidate, and eventually move on to some other elements of their universe. Both stories do intertwine, with each affecting the other (without hindering either story) so obviously if you’re a megafan of Shotgun Shuffle, I’d suggest getting the expansion pak for $2 a month. :D

Now originally, and hopefully to no one’s dismay, I offered one additional comic per month at the $25.00 and up range. I actually had some partially done , but the issue I found with them (or with myself) was they were comics that were cut from the original storyline. They were trashed to begin with since I felt they weren’t worth slowing down the story. So you could consider them the equivalent of a “Deleted scene” on a DVD. You watch it, and you pretty much see why it wasn’t in the movie. That, and seeing each one by itself (which is supposed to have a place within the story) made them look like random thoughts and each one required a “This comic would have gone HERE” description. So in lieu of something I felt would ultimately look disjointed once a month, I’m giving you six comics that follow their own story. I just waited until the current plot permitted a good branching-off point.