I’m so stubborn with these.

Like this comic.. over three days of work on it. It’s that thing where you have the idea in your head and it JUST HAS TO look like you need it to. But this is another Danny montage. Seems to be his tendency. That… and telling on himself. :P


Anton: Acton, MA  Set 3
Owen: East Stroudsburg, PA
Gary: Round Rock, TX  Set 1
Chris: Aurora, IL

I’ll be mailing these sketches out on Monday,  options are under this comic:  http://shotgunshuffle.com/comic/making-friends
I’m only going to do one drawing for November, but it will be for more than three sketches. I’ll post those next week.

Also, I’ll be getting together an email to the four of you in the $50-$100 donation range so we can figure out your cast page ker-jigger. :)