So I do have an awesome announcement, which is Jessica will be slowly moving into this comic’s role as colorist. Obviously this comic is really time consuming to make, and OBVIOUSLY that gets me behind on my posts. And obviously I don’t expect to flounder forever with my schedule, nor test my reader’s patience when my own expectations far exceed the hours in the day. Jessica has volunteered countless hours on maintaining this site over the past several years, and I’m pleased to announce I’m able to pay her something for it now. So welcome aboard Jessica, officially.. I guess.

I’m working on a Patreon comic for tomorrow, and then I’ll have one for Tuesday… THEN, you will see a comic she colored herself for Thursday. So this week, I had to prep double strips cause she needed SOMETHING to work on. So stick around for that.

Long term goal, she’s able to color all the comics, my load will be lightened, schedule becomes consistent, and, ah.. ah…


UPDATE: Next comic will be up as soon as it’s done being colored. I struggled with the perspective of the last panel, so.. you’ll see why when you see it.. DX