Joke's on you, Kyle. Crayola Model Magic is NON-toxic.
See yourself out.

38 thoughts on “FOMO Pt.4

  1. He seems to have assessed the situation quite well. And, unfortunately for him, the good catch sisters are accounted for.

  2. I don’t get the bath water joke. And i know about the play called, “DON’T THROW THE BABY OUT WITH THE BATHWATER.” But I’m guessing that, giving cigarettes for a bottle of clean bath water? Maybe?

    Now I’m wondering why she seems to have been uninvited to live at home.

    1. It’s a kink thing. You must have heard of women selling worn panties/tights/socks to perves yes? Well go down the weird pole from there and you go through panties with skidmarks, farts in jars and eventually used bathwater. I wouldn’t want to google it to find out but I bet there’s a site for it out there.

    2. There was a Streamer Girl who was selling her farts. She ended up bin hospital for farting too much, true story that DOESN’T come from Florida!

  3. Though I have to wonder, what the hell is Kyle bringing to the table that he’s turning down so much? He already passed on Loose Cannon, or, The Single Greatest Woman Ever Made. Now he’s shooting down most of the Buckinghams?

    1. Well, he was confident enough to actually ask Tarra out (which according to Ellie’s high school experience is a rarity), he was able to hold his own arm-wrestling her braid, and he was generous enough to help her move for their first date until they started getting shot at. So I’d say he has a lot to offer a prospective partner.

      Plus it’s not like they’re beating down his door asking for dates. If they’re not interested it’s not unreasonable for him to move on. I mean what’s the alternative? Be like Pumpkin’s guy friends and make an ass of himself trying to get their attention?

  4. Will beard guy be willing to break into a tub of Crayola Model Magic with Anise if he finds out she likes him?

    Good on Kyle for not wanting Tarra’s toxic shit, but coming over to see if her sisters were any better is weird.

    1. Also, Juniper continues to be her own worst enemy.

      And Kyle doesn’t have sufficient facial hair for Anise to be interested anyway. Plus she might already kind of be in a sort of relationship already perhaps.

      In addition, I find it very interesting that this conversation is taking place within earshot of Quinn. Wondering if she’s going to feel like commenting on any of it.

  5. My sympathies on catching Omicron Epsilon, as I did too last month. Would’ve sworn I had a sinus infection, and that was the only reason I headed to the urgent care office on a weekend. Instead I got swabbed and told I was positive, to go home and keep treating myself with OTC and home remedies. Thankfully it didn’t get worse than that, especially when compared with the Delta Sigma Tau we caught in September, and I got half-paid sick leave from work both times.

    Kyle is showing wisdom beyond his years, recognizing that hot is nice, but hot and crazy is not. Tho I’ve been where Hobo Cooker is coming from, thinking that if Mom still looks hot after all these years, there’s a good likelihood of those genes being passed down, having something to admire in later years. That relationship still imploded violently a few years later, and the ex has really gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs since then.

  6. A whole nuclear meltdown of evidence that this is a Bad Decision. The Talmud teaches us God gave men a magnificent brain and a versatile shmekele but only enough blood for one at a time

    1. Some question the wisdom of running a toxic waste pipe through the middle of a playground, but mysterious are the ways in which His wonders perform.

  7. Kyle has a point. The only one left is Ellie and I’m not sure if she’s actually available or not, since I stopped Patreon until the comic stays on a regular schedule again.

    Ginger is married. Pumpkin is to young. Even if Anise wasn’t eating a tub of crayola model magic, she wouldn’t be into him, since she seems to like them with beards and fat.

    1. Tarra is a cartoon supervillain.
      Juniper…well…there’s a lot we could say about Juniper but only so much of it has been verified. There seems to be some evidence that she was the one who took Anise’s eye in the Thanksgiving incident. Plus there’s the whole baby thing.
      Cinnamon is a bioterrorist and a nightmare in human skin.
      Ellie might be taken. She also has a propensity for overfeeding stray animals.

      Just to round out the list.

  8. Being unfamiliar with Crayola Model Magic, I searched for it… and ended up with the safety data sheet.

    (A lot of “none known”.)
    Disposal: Dispose in accordance with all applicable federal, state/regional and local laws and regulations.
    (Useful: Doesn’t say which of all those are applicable.)

    Product has been certified as nontoxic by the Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. and conforms to ASM D 4236 standard practice for labeling art materials for acute and chronic adverse health hazards

    Component Related Regulatory Information: The chemical identity and/or percentage of composition is being withheld as a trade secret.
    (That certainly clears things up.)

    Section 4 – FIRST AID MEASURES
    Ingestion: Contact local poison control center or physician immediately.
    (That goes well with the “certified as nontoxic” up above.)

    About the only thing we can learn from this is that the stuff floats on water.

    1. Basically, it CAN be eaten, but should not be eaten. It’s made of food, or food-like, stuff. It isn’t recommended for making anything that is expected to last for more than a year or three, as it will break down over time. Things made with it have a reputation for turning into a pile of powder.

  9. I am getting very attached to the bearded one and hope to keep seeing more of him. Kyle is sensible, which makes him a total party-pooper. Kudos to him for spotting toxicity, though.

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