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FOMO Pt. 7

UPDATE 4/8/22: Okay, so...I went into labor a few hours after I did the last update, and Sophie Elaine was born at 11:12PM on April 1st! Things have been kind of controlled chaos around here since then as we all adjust into new sleeping schedules with a newborn and a 15 month old. Next comic on Tuesday. <3

Update 4/1/22: I'm still pregnant, and we're shooting for the next comic to be up next Friday, 4/8/22. Chris has been working on it every day, but his sugars have been really wonky the last couple of weeks and he's only able to get a couple of good hours in at the computer before having to crash each day. Trying to get him into see his endocrinologist but we're waiting on a new referral from insurance. Sorry for the delay!

Hey guys! Claire here again. Just a quick blog to let you know that I haven't had the baby yet, but we are doing a couple of fun things related to littlest Rusche soon. First, if you'd like to put in a guess on when she'll be born, weight, length, etc, you can head on over here and do that. I know the site is called "Baby Bookie", but there's no money involved lol. Winners will get 20 packs of Streamloots cards (these are kind of a way to virtually interact with my Twitch stream like playing jumpscares or making me eat sour candy, etc). Secondly, I'll be doing a "virtual baby shower" with some friends on my Twitch channel this Saturday, March 19th, at 8PM central. We'll be playing some fun games like "Who's Your Daddy" on Steam and doing other silly challenges. Should be a fun time if you want to stop by!

16 thoughts on “FOMO Pt. 7

  1. Aww, I feel so bad for her. She looks so cute.

    Although I’m not sure how old she is so maybe dodging a bullet there.

    Also, she can’t actually be a Buckingham because if she were she’d have some kind of symbol on her cheeks.

    1. Yeah, she looks young, but Chris also saw fit to put her in one of the “2x Tank top” patron pics, which he didn’t do for Pumpkin (or any of the other confirmed-under-18 girls), so, I’m angling towards her being 18+.

        1. Well, she could be like a 2nd cousin x removed, where the generational skip lined up to put her around the same age grouping as the sisters. I have a 1st cousin as old as my parents and a 1st once removed who’s my age.

  2. This just makes me feel bad for… I wanna say Cammie? First she gets rejected, and I know it’s actually the opposite, but it must feel like she got rejected for not being one of the sisters, then uncle Herb just yells at her out of no where to go help do something she is likely to be lost while trying to help with. Poor girl.

    1. Didn’t think about that, which would make sense, since the cast page says she wishes she was one of the sisters.

  3. Herb looks a bit scary yelling at the girls to get out. At this point every female in the house will bet outside.

  4. New
    – Basic stuff

  5. She forgot to say ‘twice-removed”. The Buckingham reputation extends far apparently and even blankets residual bloodlines. (i.e. think the Morris clan in Castlevania)

    Tarragon poisoned that well good. Otherwise, dude might’ve given her a shot. Not much of one, but a shot nonetheless.

      1. Parenthetically, Tarragon also didn’t release no omega-level biological threat at a crowded shopping mall on Black Friday, either. She was tangentially related to the loss of a Toys ‘r’ Us that day, tho.


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