Something special for Halloween! I thought I’d show you guys how to make something even better than a Jack-O-Lantern: a Comp-U-Latern!

This is really really simple guys. First step, find an old PC you use that likes to crash every half hour or so that causes you to repeatedly lose your artwork and costs you hours upon hours of time.

Oh, I have one handy!

Compulantern 1

Second step, just like always, you need a tool or utensil  to get the guts out. Anything will do really. Screwdriver… knife…

Compulantern 2

Easy, amiright? Okay.. last step:


Now for all of you concerning my Patreon, I will be picking the winners of the sketch drawings on Sunday and listing who won what on Monday! So any of you people still sitting on the fence, you have until Sunday night around 10pm Eastern to throw in atleast 5 bucks to be considered. :))

Anyone who’s donated $50 or $100 I will be contacting you this coming week to get together your Cast Page entries. So be sure to check your emails by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thanks again to everyone who’s donated!