The above supplemental strip is why it’s good to have obscure conversations at work.

Personal story, which was today, I happened to go through the drive-thru at Mcdonald’s. Usually when I do, which is usually, I eat in the parking lot cause I’d rather listen to the radio than occupy a booth. I’ve done this plenty before, cause I’m addicted to their sweet tea. So, like usual, I walk into the lobby before I set back off to work, to get one (ONE) refill.

I’m promptly stopped by a manager behind the counter, saying “You can’t walk in and refill.”

“But I went through the drive-thru. I’ll get the receipt…”

“No, you can’t refill after you leave.”

“But I never left!” says me, and by this point I wasn’t willing to endure any further voyeuristic glances, so I left, fuming. I then searched the internet to no avail for some kind of drive-thru-but-eat-in-the-parking-lot-now-want-a-refill policy. I reduced myself to just calling the store I was parked 10 feet away from to complain, or at least know what the rule was. In essence, they were telling me drive-thru food was of less value than lobby food of the same caliber and price (this is a stupid story isn’t it…) Why can I sit inside, dirty up a table, take up space, and get stuck in the playground slide and get more value?

I assumed the manager from 5 minutes ago would answer. The general manager did instead, stating he was currently talking with her about it. He said it was a fine line, and no set rule via corporate McDonald’s on the issue. He said the run-in moments earlier was cautionary since vagrants like to come in and steal the farm with Coca-cola products. So… luckily with her assuming I was thieving, I also appeared ‘homeless’… AWESOME. He continued to apologize for my embarassment, and requested that I just check with the front counter first before refilling (so customers don’t see someone walking in and just filling up a cup.) A slight inconvenience, but a way we could meet in the middle, and keep me off the slide. He then walked out an gave me a free meal card. W00T!

Who knew looking homeless made people want to give you food? And apparently, Hoodie=homeless!