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Fusion Dance

Thanks everyone who went to the Google Hangout we had on Wednesday. I'm planning on doing one once a month, and I'll put a link straight to the event page on here. If the day and time I picked wasn't workin' for you, post in the comments what a good day of the week and/or time. I can always alternate.

166 thoughts on “Fusion Dance

  1. …….well then. Now I want to see a list of all of Tarra’s combinations and their powers. I’m assuming she can do this with each sister. lol

    1. I posted in the original Tarra run-down tht she was the only one that knew the Fusion Dance. Combine that with her and Pumpkin “training” for this excursion, she probably got her little sister to perform it right.

        1. Mr. Blue was thinking about this earlier. Tarrakin is not an equal mix of letters from their constituent names. Pumpagon is. And alphabetically, it’s P-Q-R-S-T.

          And academically, in a family, it’s been said that the youngest one may be able to get away with the most. Also, that the youngest one may be able to have the greatest influence on the older siblings.

          But what does Mr. Blue know? Mr. Blue speaks of himself in the third person until they’re done shopping and at Denny’s for the Grand Slam.

    2. I’m mainly baffled by what Tarra gains by this, unless it’s just to keep Pumpkin out of harm’s way. I mean, infinity plus one is still infinity.

      1. Actually, If you notice she has actually gotten smaller, meaning she has probably gone from taller, and more athletic build to a small compact build that still has all of the strength and probably more agility. Also I’m betting that pumpkin has a sharper eye for detail and combine that with Tarras quick reflexes and they won’t be stoppable.

        1. Ease of fitting in smaller places I can see, but Tarra is pretty much an unstoppable force of nature on her own, so that’s where it seems odd.

    3. Why must Tarra only do the fusion?

      Now I want to see the unleashed mahesty that is –


      (yes, while I get and concur with the provided naming guide, it must be argued that the dumpster fire + largest bussoms would over ride the core rules with obvious adjectival Name-play)

      1. Run, Juniper, run!

        Okay…drive. Drive like the wind! Like…more like a slow breeze, I guess. Like three miles an hour. Maybe five.

        Um…wow. You’re probably screwed, Juniper. Sorry.

        1. I like how her default method of self defense seems to be projectile vomiting. Drunks can be hard to take down in a fight though, they’re very resistant to pain. And I still think it’s fun to imagine that Juniper may be a master of drunken boxing style kung-fu. It would seem to make her fit in more with the zaniness of her family though her level on the erf to wack ratio Chris posted would probably make that unlikely.

      2. Oh come on! As if you can resist puking on Cinn over Anise. Those dead little eyes make me want to vomit and I’m not even physically near her feeling queasy.

    1. It’s GONE. Your hoverboard has been consumed by the raging force that is Pumpagon. But on the plus side both of your aunts likely can now fly.

        1. Has anyone noticed that Pumpagon’s shirt/jacket seems to be either backwards or combined with the scarf that Mr. Yellowish-Red was wearing and the furry trim on Mr. Redhead’s jacket to become a furry boa or something? That, and it seems that their clothing merged as well. There are pockets nearly on the side of their hip(s).

        2. Pumpkin’s entire outfit seems either mostly gone or represented by that scarf. That’s why I’m assuming her hat is in a pocket dimension or something, because I doubt that she’ll come back wearing only her birthday suit, so the rest of her clothes are somewhere too.

        3. Yeah, a tesseract is what that pocket dimension would be called, if my geek/nerd/dork license is up to date. For some reason, I was thinking terrasect. New trivia.

        4. Or it could be called a pocket dimension. Like from D&D they put things in backs of holding, and backs of holding are actually pocket dimension. No fancy words, just calling it what it is.

        5. Yup, I chose “pocket dimension” because I believe Tarra is the only person on Erf who has access to the place all missing socks go. Since that place is beyond the ken of science as of now, I agreed that the generic “pocket dimension” was a good choice. Granted, she probably has access to lots of other pocket dimensions of different configurations as well, so who knows what kind of one she used to stash her sister’s clothes (and quite possibly the hoverboards as well, as the original question went, I’m sure she’ll pay for them, just keeping them safe until she gets to the register).

        6. Tarragon, through the use of the Fusion Dance, has the ability to interact, store and/or remove items from a pocket dimension. Science has erroneously called these a tesseract. Tarragon’s previous thesis was a way to create a tesseract using an Apple IIc, Black and Decker power drill VSR with 18 amp rechargeable/detachable battery, a single spindle drill press, fifteen pipecleaners, thirty twist ties and a grape, seedless.

        7. The scientific community has disreguarded the chosen name, for the one of the nerds. Tarragon Buckingham originally called these pocket dimensions Tarrasections.

  2. Yep, there we go. Clear into the stratosphere. Earth is just a tiny dot below the existence of Pumpagon. Even Tired Guy is just a speck.

  3. I thought about putting a Pumpagon on the cast page and remove Tarra and Pumpkin, which wouldv’e been funny.. but only up for one post.. so meh.

  4. I… honestly can say I did not expect a Dragon Ball Z reference today… but… maybe I should have? I mean… in hindsight, it couldn’t have just been a coincidence that the James fanart posted a few updates back on the front page had him wearing a DBZ shirt. FORESHADOWING!

  5. Ok your gonna have to do a sketch of them training to do the fusion dance xD. Also what are pumpagon’s abilites besides super strength?

      1. surprised Tarra didn’t whack the guy that asked her out….

        is that Tails gravatar/avatar up for grabs over on Pumpkin’s Tumblr? I didn’t notice the site updated til just now….

        1. Even women without Tarra’s ability to win at most contests before she’s aware they’re happening have been known to ask guys out, so why do you think Tarra had to wait to be asked?

        2. Her devotion to her hair, craft, thesis and the Fusion Dance suggests that she’s prioritized her desires in life, and doesn’t need a man to get there. Not suggesting that Tar– Mr. Redhead is a feminist, just knows what she wants and will not let anything get in the way.

        3. This was in response to the comment about wondering why Tarra didn’t beat the man who asked her out. I was just positing that it would be fully in character for Tarra to have decided what she wanted and done the asking. After all, she did mention in relation to Olympic judges that she’s very good at persuasion, and I can’t imagine she’d have a harder time talking a guy into a little physical funtime if she was feeling frisky.

          As for feminism, there are different connotations to that word. Most Western women today are feminists in the general (and original, from what I’ve heard) sense of believing that they aren’t automatically inferior for lack of a Y chromosome and deserve the same general rights and treatment as men. I’m sure Tarra fits into there, as she’d have to be hideously mentally deficient to consider herself inferior to half the population. As to the rabid, bra-burning, man-hating type of feminist that I’ve heard associated with the word but never met or known anyone who’s met one in real life, no I certainly don’t think she’s one of those. I’ve met women who might qualify as ‘man-haters,’ but from what I’ve seen that’s always been a reaction to too many bad experiences leaving them with no room for faith or trust in our gender and not feminism.

        4. I just can’t always tell when you’ve mistaken something that was said or are joking. Perhaps I got used to interpreting your choice of avatar to determine that prior to this story arc, and now that you’re only using one, harder to determine.

        5. it was really more in jest about how Tarra goes about taking everything head on (what seems like 85% of the time). More of a “wow, there’s a dude that’ll put up with her/her want to be with him” type of thing since it’s not know if she has a significant other at this point.

        6. Tarra taking things head on is why I figure that the loss of her virginity was calmly decided by her and then immediately implemented with Tarra 100% in control the whole time (even if she might’ve occasionally let her partner believe that wasn’t the case). Kind of an, “Ok! This is happening!” sort of thing (just taken a bit slower than that implies).

      2. Wait, Tarra was a virg- *smack*

        …I mean, the correct term is “demivierge.”. Translated to “half virgin.” It’s a woman who acts in a sexual and promiscuous way but preserves her virginity.

  6. Wooo, did not see that coming. Are any of the other girls going to go all fusion like that? I sincerely hope it’s in the blood. We can have an Ellimon, a Cinnice, Giniper, Ellkin, Tarrie, Ginagon, and so on and so fourth.

    Silliness aside, is Ellie going to have to get the items to the checkout herself while the villains are distracted by Pumpagon? Or is Quinn going to charge in like a dark horse and save Christmas?

    1. It’s bad days a-coming for the League of Revengencers, that’s all I can say. Hope Wheelchair Ninja’s got room on that thing for a few more….

        1. *falls forward after running around, lands on the ground belly forward, face up*

          MAN DOWN,
          MAN DOWN.

          I CAN’T FEEL MY ASS!!!
          I CAN’T FEEL MY ASS!!!

        2. …what? Were you hoping I’d give the “egg salad” speech? Nah, man, this is bigger than any Herkimer battle jitney. This is Pumpagon.

        3. What’d you expect? I’m just a freaking level 5 crook. I never have a loaded weapon because that’s a harsher sentence. That’s about the extent of my planning. Just run in, get the money, run out, take the mask off, enjoy, repeat.

          Didn’t you learn anything shampooing that mop of hair and goatee?


        4. NYET Matthew, Alex. Ve vill not be with ze arguements now. Ve must be remembering those sisters. Dey did to us this. Ve must remember the plan, da?

      1. At first I feared that would be dull, since Ginger is so very adult, but then I realized we would probably get to see Ginger in action. The toys are supposed to be her children’s Christmas gifts, after all. Suddenly I feel so very sorry for those poor wanna-be villains.

    2. I don’t think anyone would willingly merge with Cinn. And they’d probably think hard before being willing to try with Anise or Juniper. Also merging with Ellie is likely to cause losing balance fairly often.

      I’m now hearing a video game announcer saying, “You gain … crippling stupidity with a streak of malice!”, “You gain … overpowering beard lust!”, “You gain … perpetual hungover intoxication!”, “You gain … an inability to clasp your hands in front of your body!”

      1. I’ve got an ex who could merge with Little Orphan Annie Eyes there. All countries in the world would unite in world peace to destroy that force.

        1. Are you sure they wouldn’t just flip a coin if they sent a three year old or a 105 year old alone with a carrot peeler to go deal with that?

        2. Okay, first we got Cinnamon unleashing Omega Pestilence squared. Mr. Not Mine’s ex boyfriend who could merge with the Little Orphan Annie eyes. Damn dirty hippie.

          What’s next? Things go in threes, and I want to be ready before Ragnarok, Megiddo, Armageddon and Tank Girl rides in to destroy everything.

  7. Pumpkin must have screwed up the fusion dance somehow – looks like Pumpagon’s left arm has a right hand.

    It’s important to get the timing just right.

      1. Speak of what?

        So I notice that Pumpkin’s pixie cut, while combat-efficient, seems to produce a less-than-satisfactory trait when fusion-danced with Tarra’s whip-like braid. Or am I seriously underestimating the efficacy of Pumpagon’s ponytail? Does it shoot kamehamehas from the end of it or something?

        1. Mr. Blue’s take on the merged ponytail is that it had to take as a fourth of the average of the length based on the statistical deviation of each strand. Therefore it seems that Pumpagon’s ponytail is not correctly shown to scale or actual length, when it does measure up to the appropriate Q1 representation of the sixth sigma difference of the averages.

  8. Now the real question: did Tarra have to lower her power level for Pumpkin to match it, or was it the other way around (dun dun DUUUUNN!)

  9. *ahem*

    On the main question of “Quinn Nicks to buy the purple dress that is currently 50% price,” before the floor. The floor having voted in the affirmative and the Chairman’s vote to bring the total vote to a proper quorum having passed. The record shall reflect that there were no “nay” votes when the question was put forth for those against the question.

    *bangs Gavel*

    Quinn Nicks shall buy the aforementioned purple dress at 50% off, irrespective to the amount of time that she’ll wear it.

    *bangs gavel*

    Next item on the agenda, Hotel Rooms for the SisterCon 2014.

    We will be hearing from the chair of the committee to purchase a block of rooms at the Motel Eighth Inn.

        1. Damnit o\ ___ /o

          Just what the hell is she supposed to wear when she goes out with Ian, or for that matter, whomever she’s going to go out with when she:

          1) gets over her not wanting to hang around people
          2) steps out with James not knowing that they have a date on 4/1.
          3) realizes that she doesn’t want to remain in a state of perpetual girlfriendship and actually makes a choice for a person based on who they are and not be under her thumb, so to speak.

        2. I meant the receipt, not the dress. I figured Quinn would just shrug about the receipt but would demand Ellie figure out a way to get the dress back.

  10. I like this comic a lot but it makes me really impatient to see what’s going to happen next. Will Cinn and Anise get in a good round of “tip the drunk?” Will Pumpagon (I think Tarrakin sounded better honestly) save the day or only create more chaos? Will Bizarro Spidey and the rest of the revengenators (or whatever they are calling themselves) get their hands on the hoverboards? Will Quinn appear again in this story line?

    Tune in next time!

        1. I can probably take the female Dudley Moore in the stolen scooter. It’s easier to just walk away, though.

        2. She is the one that stole your meatless assclown, so that would be the one you’d have the most motivation for. Just remember that she grew up training against the others, so she’ll probably surprise you.

          Speaking of which, did you recognize his son at dinner?

        3. Zane routinely chewed on your hair when you were eating too? Ellie should’ve given you a lot more crap about dating someone like that in high school. I was just identifying my guess (it pretty well has to be one of the younger two), didn’t realize it was a pattern.

        1. Just how long has Ellie wanted to be called Ellie, and how much did her sisters accept this desire. Although, it’s a decent call that all of the sisters got in trouble. But I never imagined that a girl would get in so much trouble that their entire name would be used by a parent. But an older sibling using the first and middle names… woof.

        2. Nah, I think Ginger’s just being pre-emptively stern. I mean, so far Ginger and Ellie are the only two that haven’t done something potentially illegal, so I think she’s just anticipating.

        3. Nah, Ginger doesn’t care if Quinn does something illegal, at least not as long as it doesn’t impact Ellie.

  11. I’m not sure if I should comment or not. I’m merged with some other blonde at the moment.

    But yes, my boobs got bigger as a result. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

      1. I like your spirals tho. Now we spell Unsh@t ? We lost a letter. I don’t know. Where does it even go in this case? Do your ages average out to like, 21 or something?

        1. So wait, does this mean that you and the Soulless Wonder are now the youngest sisters? I can’t keep track of all of you.

        2. At this point, your family is one big science project. If the dynamic suddenly shifts, you watch to see what happens.

          But you still don’t name the mice in the lab.

        3. I’m going to amend that. You can /classify/ the mice, but don’t become attached.

          Besides, I thought you’d be happy. With the little one now older, you could reclaim a room at the house.

        4. *still laying on the floor*

          I name the mice at the Evil layer Frank, poot and Mikey. Mikey likes everything. He bit Henrietta’s tail a few times, and Master had to separate them.

        5. “Don’t become attached”, says the one trying to get Ellie to “watch her walk away” just a comic ago. ;p

        6. She does it whether I want her to or not. I’m just eye candy to her. Eye candy that can cook a roast.

          I mean hell, she showed me off to her family and tried to “pretty me up” with a wig…

        7. Blondes have more fun, it just doesn’t mean that they do that. Why does everyone have to go there? Stupid sexy Quinn. What the hell does that mean anyway, stupid sexy? Is that a Christmas Snow joke? Or would three blondes in a room spell trouble for Herb?

        8. And yet, knowing all this. you came with her not only to visit her family, but also came to help out with the gift-shopping.

          I’ll fully admit, however, that this ‘ship is hastily constructed, full of holes, and kept afloat almost solely on the high hopes of it’s crew. Not gonna stop me, though!

        1. For the gloves, sure. For the hat, Tarra (who may or may not also be a wizard, but was likely too occupied to be the wizard to handle Anise’s gloves even if she is).

        2. Not for lack of ability, they just have much more creative revenges they can use and the stereotypical wizard isn’t as physically imposing. While she may or may not be a wizard, Tarra has definitely shown a tendency and/or enjoyment for handling problems physically.

        1. Yes lets. Then we’ll only be romantically interested in an effeminate, blind, rich bar fly with half a goatee and named William.

          Good luck with that.

    1. In that instance, which sister would be not part of the main body but the sword/club/hitting implement? I’m guessing it’d either be Cinn or Juniper, but can’t decide which is more likely.

        1. And it’s times like these that I regret that some jokes can’t really translated from German to English (Stumpfe Hiebwaffe -> Dumpfe Hiebwaffe).

          Although… I think it works somewhat in this case.

          She would be a blunt weapon after all, I guess.

  12. Now I’m stuck trying to figure out which sister would be which Planeteer and which ones would be bad guys. Some are obvious, some less so.

    Tarra: Wheeler
    Ginger: Kwame
    Pumpkin: Ma-Ti
    Juniper: Gi (water control means booze control, right?)
    Ellie: Linka

    Anise: Dr. Blight
    Cinnamon: Verminous Skumm

    I’m also thinking Alex for Hoggish Greedly or Sly Sludge.

      1. I just got an Email from Mr. Wizard that suggests that it’s both. Wow, I thought the guy was dead. wait a second.

        I just looked up Email (capital E). It stands for Encephalopathic Mail.

  13. I am dissapoint. Really. Nobody saw what Ellie called Fusion Dance Tarra and Pumpkin and saw what is to me oh so very obvious?

    After all, the ratches’ defeat was only a delay.

    There’s one they fear.
    In their tongue, she is Tarrakin…

    1. Our sister, our sister claims a warrior’s heart
      I tell you, I tell you the Tarrakin comes
      With a hair wielding power of the ancient Nord arts
      Believe, believe the Tarrakin comes

      It’s an end to the evil of all Christmas foes
      Beware, beware the Tarrakin comes
      For the ratches have passed and the legend yet grows
      You’ll know, you’ll know the Tarrakin comes

  14. Everyone seems to be forgetting in order to fusion the two beings must have comparable power levels, so what does that mean about Pumpkin?

  15. Will Pumpagon save the hoverboards? Will Wheelchair Ninja manage to steal them? Find out on the next episode of Sister Mall Z!

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