This is in response to Taylor Swift and her newest song “We are never getting back together.” I’m sure some of it is hearsay, but the story goes she dated some guy, then they broke up, then he came by one of her recording sessions. He asks her to lunch and she shrugs him off.
If only that were the end to the story. She promptly writes her latest hit, over what I consider, an unimportant interaction. It makes me speculate how far off the cliff we intend to dive. As we lurk into future albums, how many more banalities of Miss Swift’s life will we hear croon from our stereo speakers?

Imagine a crowd in a mall. Everyone happily shopping… WHEN SUDDENLY: screams heard by the Kid’s Payless.


Like a lyricists with Medusa-like entrapment. Mere acknowledgment of your presence will spiral your life into musical scorn. =P