As most of you have guessed by now, the sisters do have letters on their cheeks. And as read oldest to youngest, spells: TOHSNUG
You figured it out. My secret obsession with snug toes in footwear. Always remember to change your socks at every stop, and that they fit properly. The Mekong will eat a grunt’s feet right off his legs. Excellent job. If you read it the opposite direction it’s obviously a nonsensical word that has no meaning…

Also, a funny bit for anyone checking the cast page. Percy, (percent sign) was originally holding a remote control, flying one of those goofy helicopter toys right.. And that’s actually supposed to be what Ellie is looking at flying over her. Well, I drew all the sisters on separate sheets of paper, and did them individually on the computer. It wasn’t until I placed them in order I realized something even more humorous. I nixed the helicopter, since there’s NO WAY, with his glare as it is, anyone would think the helicopter is what he’s staring at.

Join me Wednesday as I will breakdown my concepts and thoughts on each sister and the wherefores and whatnots as to why I created them. We’ll have a full ‘Sisters Buckingham’ cast panel next post.
Thanks for reading, as always.