I debated what game to have Pumpkin stream for the longest. Fortnite was a contender for a while, but it’s just so over-saturated. That and listening to my 10 year old son’s obsession with it has worn me out. And by ‘obsession’ I mean hearing “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?” or “COME ON!!!” being screamed at his computer all day when he plays. To the point I made a gif to show him the damaging effects of being a little salt mine.

Claire loves Rhythm Doctor. Well, any rhythm games. I have no talent for them. But this one gave me something extra to do for the comic, and a play style I could emulate. If you’ve never played it, definitely check it out. Really dedicated fan base that pour themselves into creating their own levels for others to play. 

See you Tuesday. 

UPDATE 6-4-19: Hey y’all! Chris has been busting butt doing outdoors stuff on the house and yard for the last week, so no post today. He’s going to *try* to get it up Friday, but please don’t kill him if it doesn’t happen. Still a lot of yardwork to do and rain expected there this weekend so that’s gotta get done first. Also I’ll be flying in Friday evening, and then we’ll be busy getting things loaded up all weekend to drive back to Texas. Thanks for all your patience and support, everyone! – Claire

UPDATE 6-7-19:

This is going to be the last update I can manage site-wise before the move. Claire flies in tonight and we load up tomorrow. I may try to update via the discord during the drive if it’s feasible and if you guys really want to see pictures of whatever Cracker Barrel we end up at between Alabama and Texas. 
In short I’m really sorry I couldn’t get a few more comics up before this excursion, but it’s just been a massive time suck. See these stones?

Yeah they look nice, but there are over a thousand of them lining the entire property, and they sink every few years, into the mud, on their way to the center of the earth. This is them after I dug every single one up, added more dirt underneath, and reset them all. After making sure they were decently aligned, I then took the top stones back off and tarped, then reset again. Trimmed brush, weeds and overgrowth.. then mulched. They each weight a ridiculous amount, and I have shredded myself fixing all of this. Everything is sore. Couldn’t start this in April, cause that’s our rainy season. Also abnormally cold. As soon as it cleared up and we saw sun in May I started this. Took a month solid to work the entire yard, and of course it instantly shoots to 90 degrees. 

I was leaving some of this for Claire, who volunteered to help with the backyard (which was the last part) where I had to tear up half the earth, but then this happened

So then I had to race against the clock. No way to rebuild half the backyard in a thunderstorm. So that’s what I had to do all week, spending 15 hours a day in the back yard solo (and packing and cleaning.)

Regardless, you don’t need to hear all my whining. Just know I’m busting total ass and battling massive fatigue. We are staged and packed, and I do have a ton of comics in limbo to be colored. I will try my absolute damn’dest to get set up and have something done by next Friday. Until then, thanks for the patience and hanging in there. We love you guys. :)  -Chris


6-19-19: Sorry we’re so behind guys, there’s just been so much unpacking and such to do before Chris could work. Thankfully most of that is done, except for the kid’s rooms, which we’ll be chipping away at all summer. I’m currently doing the flats on the next comic, which will be up Friday. Thanks for all the patience you’ve shown us during the move! -Claire