(NEWER) UPDATE: I’m furiously trying to get this next comic done. I’m now shooting for May 5th or 6th. Claire started feeling really ill last week so I had to take over all the schooling and meal stuff for the kids. So that threw a wrench in that. She doesn’t have COVID-19 or anything, so please don’t panic over that… but she has been out of commission with crippling nausea and I have to help pick up the slack with the kids, schooling, meals, shopping, etc. Thank you for all the messages of concern (or criticism.) I appreciate you regardless, and apologize for not answering all of them. I’m just super crunched for time. Homeschooling 4 kids has been total chaos. And it’s not because homeschooling on its own is ‘chaos.’ It’s doing the bidding of 28 overly-zealous or vague teachers every day.
From theater class projects to 2 hour science lessons to math worksheets with no lesson plan attached to teach the actual math.. every teacher seems to be on their own island with no realization there are other teachers doing the same thing, or getting the concept that some families have more than one kid. Our kids are now occupying 2 computers on a full time basis and I can’t have them all fail school at the same time. If you feel annoyed there’s not a new comic, I assure you I am equally annoyed. We have to be cafeteria lady, woodwind instructor, PE coach, and tutors for a kindergartner and 3 middle schoolers with 8 periods each. And there’s been absolutely no restraint on how much work these teachers are dishing out. 

Just hang in there, it’s coming.