I like that Rosemary is always wielding a knife. Yeah she might cook you food, but could also stab you at any moment. She’s intimidating in her own subtle ways. I’ve gotten asked if she’s based off a real person I’ve known. She’s not. I just pictured a Disney-styled female villain who eventually settled down.

It’s funny cause I actually bought Claire a set of steak knives just like those on the counter when we got to Texas. Nothing tells your loved ones you trust them more than giving them the means to kill you.

So yeah, so for the lack of updates. The whole moving thing was… a process. Super grueling. To super summarize: Got the yard done. Got incredibly sick from some heat exhaustion. Claire had to sod half the back yard for me. Got rained out when loading the moving truck. Ate at Cracker Barrel. Claire’s air conditioner shat the bed while she was gone. We moved everything in in sweltering heat, and had to live in it for a week. I had pretty bad issues with fatigue and nausea for that time. I just could not seem to escape the over-heating issue…

We then cleared out Claire’s storage unit while we had the moving truck to sort it. We then began the arduous task of combing all my stuff with all her stuff + storage unit. Luckily it didn’t rain us out during this portion because her front yard looked like a flea market for several days. We accumulated AT LEAST 40 black bags of crap to throw out or donate. Everything going through this whole “Is yours better/is mine better/ which one are we keeping?” type thing. We had loads of doubles on DVDs, and every bed in the house has a minimum 8 pillows. 

It’s been fun, but certainly exhausting. Right now we’re fixing up her spare room for my two kids. Was kind of a storage room for misc. Clearing it out, fixing holes in walls, painting, cleaning etc etc etc. My little ones are still at their mom’s until August, then we fully blend our little family. Claire has her own two, both girls. So combined total is 3 girls, one boy. Ages 4, 10, 11, 12. They’ve all met before and gotten along well, and uh.. from my own observation I’m sure that will continue..as long as we buy groceries nearly every day. :P

UPDATE 7/5/19: Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July! Sorry updates have been slow lately, still getting back on track and taking care of a lot of little remodeling projects around the house while we have the chance. Next comic will be up on Tuesday, here’s a little preview. – Chris