I had to throw Tuesday’s in with today’s, so both comics are together here. Finally broke down and bought a new comp. My old laptop was on it’s last leg, and a tower I had wasn’t powering on anymore. So I had to use the last of my “savings” (checking account) to get a prefab. It’s pretty awesome, but I had to go through all the typical hassles that come with getting a new computer, and getting it the way I need it. Biggest issue I ended up having all week was Photoshop was crashing nearly every twenty minutes, and on several occasions, crashed the entire computer right after. It was feeling pretty gg a few times as panic was building this wasn’t going to work out.

Luckily, shout out to my friend Sean Murphy, I had a friend, Sean Murphy, who helped me find the right drivers for the graphics card. Some conflict, etc etc.. I may as well be an 80 year old man with technology.
So it took me up until noonish today to get it all working properly, and I got this comic done. No crashes since the updates. Here’s hoping.

But yeah my old laptop got so ridiculously bad, I would draw a line, and have to wait 2-3 seconds for it to appear on screen, how I drew it. So every line, every eraser stroke, every color brush, all on an insane delay. And that’s even if it did what I wanted. 25% of the time, it would just error out the stroke and make it a bold straight line from where I started to where I ended with a given stroke. Lots of undos. Lots of wasted time. And I’ve been working like this for over a year. Couldn’t bare it anymore. Memory was maxed. Disk was always maxed. Couldn’t have a browser AND Ps up at the same time. Had to pick. I had all my art files spread out between the computer and two external harddrives. Nuts, fam. Nuts.

Fingers crossed.
Tuesday’s comic has the linework almost done. So I’m really not expecting a delay on it.