For those of you who don’t know me personally, I’m a big proponant of country music. I was raised on it. Or maybe just born that way-hay. There wasn’t much effort put into the design, for horribly obvious reasons. And if you’re not into the genre yourself, I’ll allow the strip to be lost on you.

Long story short, I’ve lived in quite a few states in the last three years, and the state in which I am now is largely considered the deep south. I find it more regular-south, but much more normal than most would expect. Regardless, I’ve been in super progressive liberal localities with better country stations than what I’m hearing down here. I submitted this on a sleepless night because it just bothered the piss out of me for too long. You can derive two things. I abhor Carrie Underwood’s music. Not the person… the sexy, sexy person… but her music, which shows largely proportionate to roadside fatalities. That, and Keith Urban’s insistence of flirting with Nicole Kidman through song.

I guess a thrid note would be for Paisley to create more original music born of thought than mere shit he sees at a roadside yard sale.

I never received feedback from this submission. I have though, noticed a slow migration of 80’s and 90’s era country songs into the rotations. Mission accomplished I suppose. Still not all that great…. but here’s WDRM: