Next comic should be up Saturday.

Long story short, and not being too specific (cause I don’t want to burden you with my burdens) uh… my kids spend half their summer with, let’s call them, FAMILY X. Algebra time. After Family X gets them, they drop them off with great grandparents for a week (we’ll call them Family Y) Family X and Y, are related, and X does not like Y. Family Y is a perfectly normal family and there’s no reason for any animosity. I called Family Y on Monday. Kids weren’t dropped off. Called family X, family X said “oh okay.” Called family Y again last night. Kids still weren’t dropped off. Family Y, who’s supposed to have said children, were going to drive them back to me this Sunday, and are apparently not getting said children for scheduled time.

So that’s not happening. Now Father Omega (me) is sick of the BS and picking up his children. I don’t know the whole story, and I’m tired of the three hour phone conversations, so I’m just leaving to go get them and putting an end to the horsesh*t. Just got a warning text this morning my 6 year old son may have an injured leg, because he attempted to prank scare a grown adult member of Family X, and was promptly kicked, by said grown adult. KICKED…

Sunday and Monday I was sick to my stomach. Right now, I’m sick to my brain. Worst case scenario, comic will be up Monday. I wish to God I didn’t have this constant drama, and I only share about 0.0000001% of it on my site (cause, duh obviously…) but I gotta insure the welfare of my children at this moment. Bare with me. My head is about to burst into flames.

Update: While I was out driving today I did stop by the post office. So for any of you still waiting on a Patreon drawing you should have it by Monday. :)