I felt terrible for not being able to entertain all you guys during the summer lock downs. That would have been something readers could have looked forward to while being stuck at home and a great opportunity to entertain. I mean that’s my job, obviously. Entertainment. Unfortunately, etc etc, (see previous post.)

Being zonked out in seeming perpetuity, I know the importance of that. Super humbling experience. Eighteen seasons of Hell’s Kitchen and 16 of Deadliest Catch showed me the need for stimulation when trapped in place is super crucial. I also noticed the correlation that every time Sig Hansen had a heart attack Gordon Ramsay’s hair grew stronger.

I think I’ve also watched every single RedLetterMedia video at this point. It’s nice to see others have the same love for terrible movies I do, then hating on them relentlessly.

When my blood glucose started getting under control I doodled on the tablet when I could. Much of that is unusable since I couldn’t keep my hand very steady, but I slowly got some comics prepped, which Claire is working on flatting as I write this. Final comic for the current $10 tier (4 of 4) will be up in the next few days. Long delay, I know. After that we’re going to start a story arc I proposed a while ago involving a beach trip. It’s done in the vein of the typical ‘anime filler episode’ except it’s canon to the story. It’s 2 years and some months after the current main site story and I intend to just drop you in the middle of it. Here’s some cherry picked panels in no particular order:

Cast has gone through a few arcs by this point as you can probably see.
I also prepped some pinups, so if I get behind I will post SOMETHING for you.

I have these on a schedule to help pace myself. Having more good days than bad right now, which is super motivating. $2 comic is also midway finished.

So yeah, I’m excited. I got a lot coming and it has been so much fun making art again. Also, I got several messages of encouragement since the last post. I really appreciate all the well wishes. A number of you also asked if Claire and I had a baby registry. I finally remembered to ask her for her link. I will stress, no one is under any obligation to buy us anything. We will totally squeak by. But if you are so inclined, it will be very much used and appreciated. Just click on Baby Fat below. And thanks again. We love you. :)
Next post this Tuesday.