I will go on a slight rant with this one.

If you’ve ever had an apartment, you’ll know that the days they come to randomly spray for bugs SUCKS. My old apartment eventually stopped giving notices altogether, and for some reason, started spraying more frequently as well. Unless the maintanence guys had short-term memory loss, or they third-partied in 8 different companies, we had bug sprayings about every 1-2 weeks. It became quite ridiculous.

The true annoyance for me came when they also assumed everyone that lives in an apartment must work 9 to 5 jobs (this can also be noticed by the 8am lawn mowings.) So if they’re all OBVIOUSLY at work, ‘why knock??’ Just grab janitor-sized key ring and’a WALK RIGHT ON IN. I’ve had termite/bug people creep into my apartment while I’ve been on the back porch, eating, sleeping, dressing, and taking a bath. Nothing like walking into your living room with a total stranger holding some plastic blowtorch thing jerking in fear at the sight of you.

We eventually moved from this place before the intruders tipped off the property manager that I had a cat (I guess these guys are supposed to know about pets so they can adjust their proton packs accordingly ???) and I hadn’t paid any kind of security deposit for this…

That’s how we moneySAVAs ROOOOOLLLLLLLL